Thursday, December 27, 2007


It's time to review some movies again. I've slacked off on this the past few weeks, but we have seen quite a few movies lately. And since I don't feel like working today and the high temperature today is 19 degrees I figure I'll pass the time with useless information.
The Simpson's Movie - Okay
This movie was funny, but it was the Simpson's and the TV show is funny so I really didn't expect much less. I did think that it was a little long and the story was drug out too long. it really could have just been covered in a 30 minute episode.
Cinderella Man - Okay
I can't say a lot about this movie because I really only watched the last 30 minutes of it. John really enjoyed it though so I may have to rent it again some day and watch it again.
Enchanted - Great!
This movie was awesome. The perfect girl movie. it's got a love story, handsome men and a dragon. what more could you ask for?  ...  oh and a princess. It's a purchase I'll have to make.
Live Free or Die Hard - Great
Originally this movie was rented to make up for the super girly movie I took John to (see above) but I ended up loving this movie as well. I love action movies with lost of killing and explosions. :) Yep, I'm gonna have to buy it. This fits in the same category as the Transporter movies and Crank. All good.
Meet the Robinsons - Great
I honestly wasn't expecting much from this movie since Chicken Little had sucked so badly. But I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It even made me cry a little at the end. It was a cute movie and I'll have to buy it one of these days.
Black Sheep - Great
Hmmm... what can be said about this movie? How can you go wrong with crazy man-eating sheep? You really can't.
It's a Wonderful Life - Great
We've watched this a few times this Christmas season. It's still a wonderful movie and I think we really should add it to our collection.
Apparently I have really liked the movies we have watched lately. Haven't picked to many bad ones.
We currently have Ocean's 13 and The Majestic sitting at home to watch. Plus all the DVD's that we got for Christmas.

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Loran said...

I loved The Simpsons I laughed my butt off.
Anyway, a must see is "Sweeny Todd..." has to be the best movie I have seen in a long time. The songs were a bit shorter than the play, but it really didn't matter. Great movie.