Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the day after

It's back to work again today.... I'm very tired this morning for no reason at all. I was in bed last night by 10 pm and asleep almost as soon as I closed my eyes. This morning my eyes ache though like I have been awake to long and all they want to do is close.
I'm very cold today. It's the first time since I've had my new job that I have wished that I had a blanket at my desk. My hands ache too and I'm sure that's because of the cold.
I also have the strange pain in my chest again. It's like some one has kicked me in the sternum. It hurts to move my arms and it hurts to breathe. I even have a cough back again today and I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with the changing weather that might cause the "asthma" that I may or may not have. I brought my inhaler with me just in case.
That's enough complaining out of me. Lets talk about what I got for Christmas...

I got:
Anastasia music box
Princesses (little plastic ones)
Music and Lyrics DVD
A Christmas Story DVD
13 Going on 30 CD
Lindt Chocolates
$25 gift card to Build a Bear

Pink fuzzy slippers
A sappy book (I don't remember the title)

Pre-Christmas gifts:
Bath tray
Bath pillow
iPod & cover

John got:
Far and Away DVD
Superman action figure with Kryptonite
Nightwing T-Shirt
Season 10 of StarGate SG-1
Comic Books

Dove Dark Chocolates
Captain America T-Shirt

Santa Pez dispenser w/Pez
White Dress Shirt & Tie

We got:
Chocolate Orange
Bath & Body Hand Soap
The Holy Temple book

StarDust DVD
Harry Potter DVD

Orange sticks

And an over abundance of cookies and candy from friends and neighbors.

We have yet to go over to mother's house for presents there. That is the plan for tonight but it really depends on how the snow is on the way home from work. It is supposed to snow this afternoon into tomorrow. I know their house is on our way home, but sometime when it's dark and snowy outside I'd rather just be at my own house then stuck somewhere else.


bebo's girl said...

The pain in your chest probably haas more to do with the Wii boxing than the asthma. hee hee hee.

Anonymous said...