Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Memories

Once upon a time the oldest sister got married on December 14th. Of course her decorations were Christmas themed so after it was all over the family ended up with A LOT of extra Christmas decorations.

The oldest getting married of course left the two younger sisters to have an entire room to ourselves. Which was great because this middle sister became my best friend over the years. Due to the over abundance of Christmas decorations we girls claimed one of the Christmas trees. It was probably only 2 ½ feet tall and we covered it in a long string of white lights as well as random little ornaments that we collected over the years it was a beautiful little tree.

Every year J. and I would buy presents for each other to be put under our little tree and they were the first presents to be opened on Christmas morning. Some times we would even open them on Christmas Eve.

I don't ever remember what was given, or what was received, but it was fun having our special tree for just the two of us.

I still have this tree. It has been renegade to the back of the closet and I'm sad to say we don't use it anymore, but each time I open the closet I see it and I remember the Christmas' with my sister in our little bedroom.

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