Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and I am at work. I don't remember there being a year since I got a real job when I didn't have to work Christmas Eve unless I had asked for it off in advance... but this year I didn't.

It doesn't even feel like Christmas Eve. I know that it is though, however I need something more. Maybe a little "Christmas Spirit", perhaps a good snow storm, or maybe a family party with Santa as the special guest who has to run because he has a lot of other presents to give out tonight.

I don't know that I will get any of this by the end of the day so instead I'm going to make a list of things about Christmas past and present that make me happy. Here I go:

Watching the red light on top of the mill and pretending that it was Rudolph

Grandma Mc's divinity & peanut brittle

Family parties on Christmas eve

Snow caves at the end of the driveway

Rainbow mouse

Pictures with Santa at Bowman's Market

Orange slices

Peanuts in my stocking that never got eaten by me

Orange Sticks


Watching the news reports to see where Santa was

Waking up early and plugging in the lights

Christmas lights in the dark

Driving up Angel Street & Down Gentile on the way to Grandma's to see all the Christmas lights

Staying up really late helping mom wrap presents

Watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Uncle Lee reciting How the Grinch stole Christmas from memory

Church only lasting an hour when the 25th is on a Sunday

The Kaysville Stake Christmas program

The little tree we had in our bed room just for me and bebo

Sister Ensign's caramel popcorn

The dress Aunt Jane made me one year and all I had to say about it was that there were no pockets. - I think it was polka dot.

Piles of presents

The year I got to be Mary in the primary program at the ward party

Cats in the Christmas Tree

Waking up really early and shaking presents

Having john wake me up at 4 or 5 am asking to open presents


The year I had my cousin Spring's name for Christmas and I bought her a glass unicorn figure and she hugged me and thanked me for the gift I don't remember anyone else ever saying thank you for the family name presents.

Knowing all the words to Silent Night and O'Christmas Tree in German

Christmas Concerts in High School

Playing the Bells

Christmas Music in general

Do They Know it's Christmas on the record player - the long version "feed the people, stay alive"

Chipmunks Christmas record

The story of the littlest polar bear

My best friends giant and beautifully flocked Christmas tree

New Kids on the Block Funky Funky Christmas CD

Giving presents to my friends

Getting my Clifford the Big Red Dog as a gift

The little yellow kitten the oldest sister gave me once

Christmas Dances with Jordan Savage and Mark Treu

The lights on Temple Square

Christmas dresses

Laser tag

The year a box of food appeared on our doorstep

Snow on Christmas morning

Getting something you REALLY wanted

Mittens attached together by a string through your coat sleeves

Mom's fur coat

Music boxes with dancing ballerina's

Keith playing Santa at the family party

Christmas sweaters that I always stole from my dad and brothers

Sleeping on the vent with a blanket over my head

Finding the last present in the farthest corner under the tree

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