Thursday, September 30, 2010

Christmas List Addendum

I know, I know... I'm expensive for Christmas this year. I don't really expect to get anything for Christmas this year I just wanted to throw this out there too, this is something John and I have have wanted for a while now.
Celestron 21045 114mm Equatorial PowerSeeker Telescope
Celestron 21045 114mm Equatorial PowerSeeker Telescope
$104.83 at
Celestron NexImage Solar System Imager
Celestron NexImage Solar System Imager
$91.79 at

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Replacement

The Replacement
      by Brenna Yovanoff
I have always thought it fascinating that the fairy folk would steal children and replace them with their own, so this book was right up my alley.
I finished reading this one last night at 11:47 PM. It's the story of 16 year-old Mackie Doyle and his search for who he really is, his place in the world, love and just wanting be a normal teenager.
I loved Mackie. His personality developed nicely through the book and his best friend Roswell is the kind of best friend I think everyone needs. I loved that this book was written from the male point of view. You don't find a lot of YA novels with that POV and it was really kind of refreshing.
It reminded me a little bit of Tithe by Holly Black that I read last year. I mostly liked that one, but the language took it down several notches... Where as The Replacement was much better, only a slight use of the "f" word, not enough to bother me, and if I had kids I'm sure they hear it more in a day at school than the three or four time it appears in this book. so I'd let my kid read this.
This is the first novel by Brenna Yovanoff. The book was recommended to me by Maggie Stiefvater, author of Shiver and Linger, who is one of Ms. Yavanoff's critique partners and they are both members of the Merry Sisters of Fate website. (Where one of three people post a new short story on Monday. They're fun to read.) So yes, I read this book because another author told me too, and I'm glad I did.  There were several editorial/grammatical errors, but not enough that I couldn't work out what the sentences were trying to get at. Brenna Yovanoff has room to grow from here. I hope this isn't the first of a trilogy (but it probably is) I don't want to get hooked on another series I have to wait for.

Linger - by Maggie Stiefvater

Linger (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #2)
        by Maggie Stiefvater
Well, it's been almost 4 months since I read this book, so it's about time I reviewed it... 
I really liked Linger. Notice I didn't say LOVE like I did with Shiver. This book was good, and I loved listening to it, but I like the first one more. The audio version is great. The young voice actors that read the story are amazing. They switched up the voice of Sam in this novel so now he sounds like a hobbit vs the mentally slow older man that they had for him in the Shiver audio version. It's much better. Sam also sings in this edition. LOVE IT. I did love the Cole/Isable story, this book I think was really about them and Sam and Grace were kind of just side characters. I am looking forward to FOREVER, but I don't think I would have felt too bad if I hadn't read Linger.
That said, though, I really did enjoy the book and would recommend the trilogy to everyone I know.

it's early, but....

This is what I want for Christmas this year:

KitchenAid® 5-Quart Artisan™ Stand Mixer

KitchenAid® 5-Quart Artisan™ Stand Mixer

$299.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond or
(if not pink then I'll accept red)
Sharp CD-DK891N
Mini system with iPod cradle/radio/5xCD/MP3/dual cassette
$162.02 at
5-Piece Curved Rectangular TV Tray Set
5-Piece Curved Rectangular TV Tray Set, Walnut
69.00 at Wal-Mart or
Matching Recliners
119564610-17RKRRC 36  Toffee Pattern Upholstered Rocker Recliner
$399.99 each at R.C. Willey
(One for Me and one for John)
(if you can find these in Red microfiber that would be super)
Or... above all else:
Sleep Number® Classic Series c2 Queen bed
c2 Sleep Number bed
Too Much $$

Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Movie Month Weeks 3 & 4

Let's see... these last few weeks seem to have passes in a blur. Let's see what I can remember watching.
Angel: Season 1: Disc 1 - City Of …, Lonely Hearts, In the Dark, I Fall to Pieces - When Angel was originally on TV I didn't watch the first few seasons. I was too busy with boys, life, my mission, getting married... blah blah blah... but once I settled down into married life, John and I watched the end of the series together, and we loved it. Going back to the first season is a treat for us. I missed out on a lot of the beginnings of Angel where John had a little sister who was obsessed with David Boreanaz so he has seen most of these before. Joss Whedon is a vampiric genius. One reason why Angel is so great is because it explores the world of demons, and not just vampires. I'm looking forward to certain people joining the cast. I can't wait for Loren to join the group, and Fred, and Wesley. I don't know how long I have to wait for them, but the anticipation is part of the fun. Not scary, not Halloween-y, but it has demons and vampires so it fits the Halloween Movie Month mold.
Wolfen (1981) - This movie was so stupid. It took FOREVER to get into any sort of plot and it failed to ever get interesting. It was lame in the truest sense of the word. John and I watched about an hour of the move before we just gave up on it. In the end john just started skipping chapters to a) see how much further we had to go. And b) just to get to the end. Well, in the end it turned out just how we thought it would, but it took forever to get to the point. all in all we were completely underwhelmed. This is not a movie that we would recommend to others... (in fact, I'd have rather just watched Soylant Green again, and that's saying a lot because that one just sucks your life away- suck, suck, suck.)
Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995) - Oh my! This movie was so dumb and cheesy. Just like all the Tales from the Crypt TV episodes I had seen as a youth. Demons are chasing a guy and he has to survive the night and keep an item out of the demons possession. Lots of blood, lots of cheese. The only person I liked in this movie was the bad guy. Beware this movie has lots of naked girls. If that doesn't bother you, and you just want a cheesy movie to watch to waste time this one wasn't terrible... and yet, at the same time, it was.
That's it for the Halloween fun for the last two weeks. We have just not had the "umph" to watch too many movies the last little while, after all, it's been TV premiere week. Here are some other things we have had on our TV that we have enjoyed:
The Prince of Persia - I loved this. For the most part, it really seemed like just a live version of Disney's Aladdin, but that's okay. I have loved playing the Prince of Persia video games on my GameCube, so there was no way I'd not eventually watch this movie. It was full of action and plot. I enjoyed pretty much all of it. I think I may have to purchase it for my own collection.
The Big Bang Theory: Season 2: Disc 1 - We laugh so hard when we watch this show. Unbelievably funny. We love it.
TV Shows that premièred this week that we like to watch:

How I Met Your Mother

The Big Bang Theory
The Mentalist
The Office
30 Rock

and of course there is my other Thursday favorite that premièred a few weeks ago:
The Vampire Diaries
Now, granted, we don't watch these shows every week, nor are we so obsessive about them that we can't do anything else during that time slot, but we do enjoy watching them when we can catch them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure

- Trap Door –

Reaching out you take hold of the rusty iron ring on the floor you pull and the trap door slowly coms open. It’s heavier than you expected it to be, but you pull until it falls open under its own weight. You have to jump back so it doesn’t smash your toes. Looking into the pit you can only see the first four steps before they’re engulfed in darkness.

“Oh, great, you say more dark.” You look over your shoulder back to the doorway, thinking for a moment that it isn’t too late to turn around, but then you decide that you may as well. “Well, here I go…” you say quietly. And then louder, towards the door back into the rest of the store, you shout. “I’m going now!” There is no response.

Balling your hands into fists, so you can smack anyone waiting at the bottom of the stairs for you, you take the stairs down. It’s dark as you descend, even the light from the open door above you doesn’t penetrate past the fourth stair. Above you the floor creeks and the trap door slams down on top of you.

“HEY! What do you think you’re doing?” charging up the stairs back to the door you beat on it with your fists. “Open this back up! Open it I say!!” But there is no answer. You pound on it a few more times before you reach in your pocket for your cell phone. You flip it open and the screen glows brightly in the darkness for a moment and then it blinks out. “What the....” You’re angry now and somehow you are going to get out of this basement.

There’s only one way to go now. Down. Putting your hand against the wall, you feel your way down the rest of the stairs until your feet are on solid ground. The basement must be used for storage because it has the same smell as the store above you, musty paper and years of dust. Inching forward your eyes adjust to the dark and you can make out shapes around you and there is a dim light emanating somewhere to your left. Putting your hands out before you, you walk blindly towards the light, hoping it’s a way out.

As you progress, the smell of the air changes from the musty old sent to that of burnt paper and chard wood that only grows stronger as you go. Finally your hands reach the solid wall before you; it’s warm to the touch and through a crack in the wall light dances and flickers just beyond. Placing your fingers into the crack the wall shifts and you push it out of your way revealing the cavern beyond.

The red rocks around you dance as if made of flame; heat radiated from every surface and before taking three steps inside you are already sweating. To your ears the sound of fire bubbles and pops soft and then loud. You can’t believe your eyes, is this really in that crazy woman’s basement. Glancing behind you, all you see is a solid wall of red stone, the entrance you had come through completely vanished.

Shaking your head you move forward, taking in the cave around you. It is bright as day here, the unnatural light coming from nowhere and everywhere at once. The stalagmites and stalactites reaching for each other like hands grabbing for something just out of reach. There is only one path through the cavern and your feet follow it willingly, thinking that if one person has already traveled this way, perhaps they found a way out, and that’s where you wanted to go. Out.

After walking for a while he heat had forces you to remove the cloak you had been given. Slinging it through your baldric you drape the cloak over the dagger at your side so the heated metal couldn’t burn your flesh. The heat wears on you making you lethargic, the crackling of the fire was lulling you to sleep.

“AHHHHHH!!” You hear a scream, high pitched and terrified. The wailing only lasted a moment, but it stopped you dead in your tracks.

Was there someone else down here? You wonder to yourself.

Closing your eyes for a moment, you strain your ears to see if you can hear the screams again, but you are met with nothing but silence and the soothing sound of fire. Beneath your closed eyelids you can feel the energy draining from you, you’re so tired.

It couldn’t hurt to rest here for a moment. You think, and cast your eyes about to find a spot to sit, or at least lean for a little while. Not far from where you’re standing a rock juts from the wall, flat and welcoming, perfect for you to just sit down for a moment. Only a moment…


Rest a while
Find the Screamer
Continue on your Way

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Friday, September 24, 2010

This is how I buy the sun... and it feeds me

I've been too busy to blog this week, but I decided that I would get the CD of the week up. You should all be very proud of me for making the effort.
           Lisa Loeb
  1. I Do
  2. Falling In Love
  3. Truthfully
  4. Let's Forget About It
  5. How
  6. Furious Rose
  7. Wishing Heart
  8. Dance With The Angels
  9. Jake
  10. This
  11. Split Second
  12. Firecracker

Okay, I'm just a sucker for Lisa Loeb. I love everything about this woman. Her hair, her glasses, her smile... but most of all I love her music. She is totally cute and I have a slight girl crush on her... which is weird since for the most part she reminds me of my sister Jessica.

Firecracker was released on November 11, 1997, that's the year I graduated from High School. What was I doing in November 1997?? …. I have no idea. Working at ZCMI and killing time, enjoying the fact that I never had to go to school again… but what else? Probably listening to music.


NOTE: I think I stated on one of these music reviews that I didn't really grow into my love of music until I was much older and had a car and the freedom to listen to whatever I wanted, and the money to buy it. Well, Lisa Loeb was among those first loves of music.

TANGENT: Jessica and I used to listen to the Lisa Loeb CD Tails all the time while going to sleep at night (on our Sony stereo/boom box with the dual tape decks and single disk CD player that sat between our beds.) There was a long time with that CD that I never heard anything beyond the first four songs on the CD.


So many songs on this CD are great. I don't think there are any songs on this album that I don't like listening to, but here are my top 5 on this disc:


Dance With The Angels -- "But you want to fall, Fashionably in love with a woman, In love with a life you'll adore, In love with a woman you'll adore."

I Do -- "I will be ignored and I will be denied, And I could be erased, I could be brushed aside, And I will get scared and I will get shoved down, But I feel like I do because you push me around."

Furious Rose -- "Bring me wild plums, wild plums and acrimony, I bet you don't even know what that means."

Jake -- "Going as far as I can go, Away from here, Away from you Jake, And the hole you've sunk me into."

This --  I love the acapella opening to this song; "In an open room that echoes well this is where I can tell you everything... Ba da da..."


I find it terribly hard to listen to Lisa Loeb music at work because I just want to sing along. I have loved all of her music, new and old.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure

- Raven, Crystal Skull, Cloak –

The pickings were sparse and you looked at many items individually and passed over many others. You touch several, just to leave your mark in the dust. You pick up stones, and daggers. You ask for suggestions and receive no answers. The eclectic items before you seem endless in quantity now that you can see what you’re looking at.

You pick up an item wrapped in brown paper, the size of a baseball; the aged paper disintegrates at your touch. Brushing it away you reveal within a perfect miniature skull, made of the finest crystal you have ever seen. As you stare at it you think you can see a light shimmer within its depths, but you just think it’s the candle light reflecting through it.

You hold it up, showing the woman, who had finally identified herself as Citrine, as she trails behind you.

“A wise choice.” She nods, but that’s as much information you get out of her on anything you have picked up. Her approval neither helping nor hindering your exploration of the store.

Shrugging, you place the crystal skull in your pocket, it bulges and you can feel its weight settle against your leg as you move along to the clothing rack that you hadn’t noticed before. There were several items hanging here, shirts, pants, jackets, cloaks. There are hat’s hanging by strings and bags holding boots made of soft leather’s that folded easily into piles of indistinguishable brown that you had to open to check the contents. Finally you choose a gray cloak, the color of smoke that has a wide hood and room to spare.

“Ah!” Citrine says behind you, making you just, this is the only voluntary word that has come from her in a while. “The cloak of Gaabor. This,” she says, taking a handful of cloak and holding it up to you. “THIS is a wise choice.”

You’re still just playing along because this really is just a joke and one of your friends has put this strange woman up to this. Since she hasn’t spoken about any of the other items you have chosen you figure this is a clue as to what she wants from you and you unfurl the material and settle it onto your shoulders.

“One last item…” She says as she touches your arm. “What will you choose to help you on your way?”

“Where am I even going?” You ask. If you had some idea of what she’d be leading you into you could better limit your choices. Do you need boots? Do you need spears? Do you need magic items? She hasn't been of any help at all, and the next words that come from her lips don’t help you either.

“Only you can tell where you are going. That is not for me to know.” She smiles though and with her hand that she hasn’t removed from her arm she gently directs you to the back corner of the store where there are several taxidermied animals, cats, rats, rabbits, birds, bats… all in waiting positions, their glass eyes looking down at you expectantly. It’s gross, but fascinating; your eye catches on a glossy raven that is on a pedestal next to you, its black feathers almost blue in the candle light. Reaching out, you touch it gently, running your finger down its long black feathered wing. You think you feel it twitch beneath your touch, and then the bird stretches and spreads its wings, shaking of the years of dust. Letting out a loud “Caaaw” it hops from its perch to your arm that is still outstretched before you.

Citrine smiles, “It is done. Your path is set, the time has arrived.” She turns and leads you through the doorway behind the counter; the room is bare except for two doors on the far wall, and a trap door in the center of the floor. “Here is where your journey begins. I can guide you no further.” She leans into you, gently kissing you on the cheek. “May Argharna Rendall guide you safely to your victory.” Placing both hands over her heart she bows to you and backs out of the room, leaving you alone.

Taking a deep breath you step forward and choose your path.


Door on the Right
Door on the Left
Trap Door

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Arrr! It do be international talk like a pirate day. Tho I had been promisin' an addition to Chooose yer Own Adventurrrre, I do be needin' me some more time to finish that one so I be veering off course fer this sabbath an' I'll be postin' this'n instead and belay the continuation of the other fer another day this week.


by Liz Evans

Once upon a time there was a pirate. This pirate’s name was Captain Blackhart. He was named such because it had been said that if you were to cut him open all you’d find would be tar and evil. His crew were a surly bunch, several missing legs or an eye, but most just missin’ teeth. Yet even this surly bunch were afraid of Cap’n Blackhart.

On this particular occasion, Cap’n Blackhart had just finished floggin’ Ferguson, for an improper knot, when the lookout spied a fine sloop cutting to the northeast off the port bow.

“Ah! There do me a favorable, wind today.” Cap’n shouted and he thumped across the deck. “We do be in for a treat.”

Pullin’ his spy glass from his belt, he leaned over the railing peering at his target. It was a small ship, but richly decked out. The sails were of a fine grade and the passengers wore silks. Dancing a merry caper he turned back to the crew. “Hoist the colors, boys! We do be sittin’ pretty afore sundown!”

“Aye, aye, Cap’n” a chorus of voices responded as they jumped to, pulling ropes, unfurling sails and turnin’ them into the wind. Their brigantine cut sharply to port and the chase was on.

“Fire a shot across their bow.” Cap’n ordered, and the bosons whistle let out it’s shrill call before the long nine fired. BOOM! The cannon retorted and the ball flew missing the sloops bow by mere feet.

With spyglass in hand Blackhart watched the passengers of the other vessel scramble, hoistin’ the sails making to escape. Their ship pulled starboard, but it wasn’t going to enough to outrun The Scurvy Mermaid. Black hart had the finest ship on the seven seas, no one could out run his guns.

“Pete!” He barked at his gunner, “Take down their mast.”

Loading a ball and chain into the cannon it fired again sending the deadly contraption twirling through the air. It hit one of the crewmen before wrappin’ around the mast, breakin’ them both in two.

“Thar be a fine aim, Pete.” Clappin’ the man on the shoulder. Killing always put the Cap’n in a complimentary mood. “Pull up on thar starboard and show ‘em some lead.”

As soon as they were in range, the three cannons on the port side fired in succession, their deadly discharge punching holes in the already handicapped vessel. The pirates all shared a good laugh as the women aboard the other vessel screamed and a volley of bullets were sent towards The Scurvy Mermaid from the men.

Each pirate had armed himself and stood ready at the railing for the call to launch their hooks and pull this unfortunate vessel within their grasp.

“Get on wit it, Ye lily livered vermin!” He’d shout with a wave of his sword and the hooks would sail. It appeared as a choreographed dance as the pirates pulled and knotted the other ship to them, holding it fast.

Another volley of bullets sailed through from the sloop, some finding purchase in unlucky blaggards who fell to the deck. There’d be time to throw them over later, after the spoils were in.

With a yell, Blackhart swooshed his sword forward, sending his filthy crew over the side and swarming onto the deck. In the mayhem Captain Blackhart took the time to make note of the vessel he’d be pillaging today. Open Sea, was her name, but before this was over it’d belong to Davy Jones. The ringing of metal against metal were music to his ears, and after an appropriate amount of time he too swung himself over to join the mêlée.

With a boisterous laugh he ran the first man who came at him through. A slash to the left, feinted to the right and parried a blow before cutting off the man’s arm.

“Save the Wenches for ME!” He hollered as he heard the women screaming. Dead Tom had a buxom lass by the hair, dragging her towards their ship, while Hobble had another slung over his shoulder and another looped in one arm pressed against his side. Only one way fighting, the other seems to have fainted from the excitement. There’d be a hot time on The Scurvy Mermaid tonight! Cap’n Blackhart thought to himself, his appetite for women was always ready after a stirring battle.

After a time, the battle cooled, and those of the crew who were not dead were thrown over board for the sharks. Only four of his own crew appeared to have lost this one.

After stripping the ship of all it’s finery and gold, Cap’n pulled open the trap door to the cargo hold He was met with a nice surprise. This ship was a Rum runner, and they’re just hit pay dirt.

Taking a bottle for each pocket, and one for each hand, Captain Blackhart returned to his own vessel for wenching and more killing, and a night of earthly pleasures.

“Arr!” He said to himself, “It do me a fine days work, if I do say so meself.”

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yay Tron!

Friday, September 17, 2010

We played zombies. Holly won, L lost, & I am in big trouble.

Ahoy there!

Don't ye be forgetin' that Talk Like a Pirate Day do be Sunday ... Thus makin' for a pirate-y weekend. Yar!

Patriotism swells in the heart of the American Bear

Today's musical selection is one of my most favorite soundtracks of all time... keep reading for my reasons why:


    The Muppet Movie:

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Rainbow Connection
Movin' Right Along
Never Before, Never Again!
Never Before, Never Again! [Instrumental]
I Hope That Somethin' Better Comes Along!
Can You Picture That?
I Hope That Somethin' Better Comes Along! [Instrumental]
I'm Going to Go Back There Someday
Animal...Come Back Animal
Finale: The Magic Store



I can't even begin to guess when it was that I first listened to this album. Was it on a record the first time, or cassette? Was I old enough to appreciate it, or even old enough walk? The Muppet Movie was released into theaters June 22, 1979. I wasn't even six months old. I remember having this soundtrack on Cassette my whole life. My sister Jessica and I listened to that thing to death. I'm still in possession of this cassette, but I'm not sure it would work if I tried it. I have spent many years wishing I had this on CD, wishing I could listen to the fantastic songs. To hear Rowlf the Dog sing "I Hope That Somethin' Better Comes Along." I longed for Miss Piggy's love ballad "Never Before, Never Again!" When ever I think of "Can You Picture That" I just hear Animal's voice in my head repeating the name of the song. I seriously tear up whenever I hear "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday."

My favorite song on this entire soundtrack is "America" with Fozzie the Bear and his version of 'America the Beautiful." John has asked me several times over the last little while: "Why is that your favorite?" And my answer is simply: "It just is." I'm a softie and a Patriot at heart. (Heck, the Star Spangled Banner makes me cry.) So this song just gets me. I think that out of all the versions I have ever hears THIS one is my favorite.

There are so many great songs on this short little album there are only 9 songs with lyrics, but they are all memorable. Ah! the wonders of this album ... and I have gone so many years without it. The album was released on to CD in 1993 and is no longer in print. I have looked, (not very hard apparently) for this album to buy for years, but every copy I had been finding was priced $65 and up. recently I was searching some of my favorite MP3 download sites and found a couple of songs from this movie that inspired me to look for this CD again. Call me crazy, but I like having physical copies of my music. I love the feeling of having a solid possession in my hands. Eventually after searching I found a Canadian who would sell me the CD for $16... Really? $16? I was shocked, but I bought it because I could. (I've found it elsewhere since my purchase: see below) It came in the mail pretty darn quick, and I'm sure my face was a site upon opening it. I could feel the smile from ear to ear as I pulled it out of the envelope. Who knew something so simple could make me so happy.

This album reminds me of being a kid and running free in the field behind my house, of summer time bike rides, tree trolls, Barbie soap operas, playing outside until dark, snow caves, mud fights, purple carpet, giant's toes, cassette players, camcorder documentaries, and thousands of other childhood memories.


You can find it to buy HERE ... Or to Download (for free) HERE. (I can't vouch for either of these links/providers...) Or... you can just talk to me, maybe I can hook you up. :)

Yawn! and Yay!

I have been slacking this morning. and look what I found:
It's Chapter 8 of THE TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT ... only a month and a half until I can have it in my hands... Yay!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yesterday's Fun

Flat tire in SLC. Luckily it blew near a dealership and a nice mechanic came to help me out.

Horror Movie Month Week 2

Silver Bullet (1985) - Cory Haim, Megan Follows, Gary Busey ... This movie was... Good for what it was. I loved the camp 80's-ness of it. Werewolf ravages town, boy knows but no one believes him. Sister picks on buy but helps save the day in the end. This was entertaining and we enjoyed watching it.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 3: Disc 6 - The Prom, Graduation (Part1), Graduation (Part 2) - This disc ended the season. The mayor is great, I really liked his used-car-salesman self. He could have been more evil I'm sure, but that wouldn't have made it as absurd that he was going to ascend and destroy the world. So what happened on this disc: Faith is taken out, High School blows up, the Ascension is foiled, Angel leaves, Buffy quits the council, Cordelia gets off her high horse, and somehow Buffy saves the day every time. Now it's on to season 4 ... the College Years.
Pumpkin Head (1988) - This movie was on TV so we didn't actually see the whole thing, but we probably watched about an hour of it here and there but got the whole movie in that little space of time. Unruly teens kill kid. Kids father is angry and summons pumpkinhead. Pumpkinhead kills all but one of the hoodlums. Redneck boy saves final girl after they band together and kill the evil. Yep, that's about how most horror movies go.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure

Part 4 - Accept the Quest -

“I’ll do it.” You hear yourself say and you’re surprised those are the words that came out. “I’ll go.” Hesitantly you reach out and take the cloth wrapped bundle from the woman and let the wrappings fall open in your hands.

Inside the layers of old cloth laid a battered silver pendant on a thick chain. The pendant itself was a ring, inscribed with symbols you have never seen before and it was attached to the chain by two hands of death, the skeletal fingers encircling the ring, one grasping each side, holding it in place.

“What is it?” You ask.

“The Ring of Thanaur.” She says with a hint of impatience, as if you should already know this. “Did they teach you nothing in your training!”
“What training?!” You ask in confusion.

She stares at you with her unsettling young eyes for a moment before she shakes her head and continues. “There is no time for this.” Turning back to the counter she takes the baldric, lifing it over your head and settling it on your shoulders. She then slides the long dagger into the sword loop and stuffs a flintlock pistol into your waist band. You will defeat Deathbringer and set us free.” Reaching out she touches your hand. “With the combined strength of the chosen and this ring you shall know the deceiver when it is time.”

“Huh?” You feel totally lost, but you realize that you are not going to get any useful information out of this woman so you decide to play along. Rolling your eyes you finally just respond, “Okay, whatever you say.”
Nodding curtly to you she tells you to put on the necklace. You obey and slip the long chain over your head, the pendant comes to rest in the center of your chest and you feel a shock run through your body as it settles into place.

“Three additional items you may choose to help you on your way.”

You turn back to the shop behind you, the candles seem to glow brighter and you can now see the merchandise before you, the trails in the dust from your trip through are a harsh scar on the dusty relics set out before you. The coatings of dust and cobwebs seem as though they have never been disturbed by mice or men.


* Red Stone, Cloak, Burlap Sack
* Raven, Crystal Skull, Cloak
* Signet Ring, Floppy Hat, Sealed Scroll Case

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halloween Movie Week 1

Dracula (1979) - This movie wasn't so bad. It was definitely higher quality than I expected from the 70's. It wasn't terrible either. It had story, it had plot, it was entertaining enough to keep us interested. Now, granted, you had to throw out everything you know about the novel Dracula - i.e. the fact that Lucy and Mina's rolls were reversed, and Mina was the daughter of Professor VanHelsing and Jonathan Harker was engaged to Lucy, blah blah blah ... Once you got past that it was all good. The man who played Count Dracula had crazy shifty eyes, but otherwise the acting wasn't too bad. I would recommend this to others as a good Halloween film. Rated R for 1979 standards, but I'd say it is now a mild PG-13.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 3: Disc 4 - Helpless, The Zeppo, Bad Girls, Consequences - Another four episodes of fun with the Sunnydale gang ... or not. We find our troupe of heroes battling the hell mouth, introducing new characters, facing their own demons, and eventually the separation and downfall of a slayer. Loved all of it.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 3: Disc 5 - Doppelgangland, Enemies, Earshot, Choices - It's nearing the end of their senior year and there is a lot of stuff going on with the Mayor, Faith, Willow, Demons, and of course vampires. This is the disc where Cordelia gets re-involved with the group (thanks to Wesley) and episode 18 that was originally not aired because it was supposed to air the week of the Columbine shootings in 1999. All in all, this was an excellent disc f fun episodes.
The Expendables - Yes, I know this isn't a Halloween movie, but we did go out to see it last week for date night. We were the only people in the theater, which was really nice for a change. (And might I add that NY Pizza over by the AMC theater in Layton is absolutely yummy, and zappole's were delicious (btw - no one questioned when I carried a hot, greasy bag of zappole's into the theater) I highly recommend eating there one day - in fact, I'm ready to go back.) Anyway, about the movie. I loved it. Lots of action, lots of blood, not too much plot to follow, but there was a plot at least... I have seen movies without one. The only real draw back to this movie is Sylvester Stallone, the guy is like 64 years old and still thinking he's an action hero. Can I just say "ew, gross." too many steroids for that fellow. The fact that Jason Statham was in the movie was all the reason I needed to see it. It was fun seeing so many action heroes in one film. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li are looking quite old.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

She wont stop staring at me.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Part 3 - Move Forward –

You approach the counter, looking at your finger it seems that the bleeding has stopped but the cut has left a white and deep looking gash across the tip of your right forefinger.

“Excuse me,” you call out. “Hellooo?”

The curtained doorway rustles a little as the woman reemerges. In her hands she holds a black leather baldric and a wrapped item. She places her burden down in front of her and starts talking with a voice that expected you to be listening.

“A Thousand years we have been watching for the sign. For a thousand years we have waited for the one to come to lead us… and I get you walking in my shop.” The way she said you sounded rather derogatory, but she continued speaking without looking up. “Why Argharna Rendall would choose you I cannot tell.”

“Hey,” You break in, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Can you take a step back and start from the beginning?”

"No time. No time to go back to the beginning. You are the chosen one of Argharna, lifting the dagger sitting on the counter she holds it out to you. He has chosen you to fulfill the call of the Palanúr. You are to be the legendary hero that returns us to our rightful homeland.”

“I think you have the wrong person.” You say, this woman really must be crazy. This is the most absurd thing you have heard. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Of course you don’t” she replies, “But you have the mark.” Reaching out she grabs your hand and pulls it into the light of the candle on the counter. You see that the cut on your finger has turned to a florescent green that illuminated in the light; it swirled and twisted around your right index finger creating intricate patterns that curled across your skin and spread onto your hand as you watched.

“Gaaaah!!” You cry out as you pull your hand away from her and take a step back. Holding your right hand in front of your face you watch the luminous spirals cover your hand and creep up your wrist. “What have you done to me?!” You screech out in fear, “What is this?”

“It is the mark of Palanúr, you are the one. We must act quickly for the end has already begun.” She stepped around the counter; taking the wrapped bundle into her arms she thrust it towards you waiting for you to take it from her. “You will need this for your journey.”

“Journey?” You question off handedly, you can’t tear your eyes away from your arm even though the patterns have crawled under your sleeve and you can no longer watch it spread.

“Yes, you must go. You will meet Captain Faelphrestad and he will escort you to your destination.

“I can’t….” You stammer and take another step back from her, bumping into a table causing its contents to rattle. “This is crazy.”

“Crazy it may be,” she says stepping closer to you with her arm extended still waiting for you to take the item. “But you will fulfill this quest.”

“I…” You start, but you pause, unsure of your answer.


Accept the Quest
Decline the Quest

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Friday Stuff ...

First of all ... Z and Not-Your-Sister had their baby boy this morning.
Secondly: I just wanted to reiterate my life philosophy incase there is any one out there who may have forgotten it -- "Hurt and Alienate others so they can't hurt and alienate you first."
And lastly:  Today's Musical Selection
Jagged Little Pill
Jagged Little Pill
    Alanis Morrissette
This CD was given to me by my dad. He worked at a little mall that was quickly dying and in that mall there was a music store that would toss out old CD's that had broken covers or lost jewel cases and what-not and one day he discovered this gem in his trash and brought it home to me.
What can I say about this album... That's a loaded question. This album was released June 15, 1995.  I'm going to start off by saying that I have been a closet Alanis fan since the first time I heard her music on the radio. I remember so many nights riding home from Lagoon in Tom's little white Toyota truck at one or two in the morning smooshed in the middle between Tom driving and Jessica listening to Ironic and loving it. I remember listing to You Oughta Know when I was so bitter and angry at Ben for choosing someone else instead of me. I remember hearing Wake Up not to long after Richard rejected me as well. I remember hearing Head Over Feet for the first time on the radio and loving it and putting it on my list of "Songs I'll cover when I have my own band." I remember hearing One Hand in My Pocket and thinking what an absurd song it was, but I constantly reference it and I sing it periodically when I put my hand in my pocket. I remember hearing You Learn and deeming that "my song" after I hit some rough patches that I just needed to hear someone say to me "You live, you learn. You love, you learn. You cry, you learn. You lose, you learn. You bleed you learn. You scream you learn."
This CD reminds me of everything high school and the life of a lonely teenager was to me. It's angry, it's loud, but it teaches you life lessons that you need to know. Jagged Little Pill is all about self-empowerment, standing up and believing in yourself, living life with both eyes open and a undying sense of hope.
So what is  my opinion of this album 15 years later... I still love it. (If you'd like to love it too you can buy it HERE.) I still love the bitterness that practically bleeds from the lyrics of this album. And yet ... just in case you're over your bitter streak, but still love Alanis I suggest you listen to her more recent albums as well. (You can buy my other favorite Alanis album HERE.) It seems that as she got older she got less bitter.

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the baby boy is here. born 1242am. 7lbs4oz. 20in. mom & baby r great

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Making lucky stars at New York Pizza.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Remember, Remember the 5th of September ....

Okay, it's really only the 1st of September, but it was the only September quote I could come up with off the top of my head.

Well... it is September after all and this month is already looking like it'll be full of super fun. (That statement is both sarcastic and not sarcastic at the same time.)


Are you ready?? Here we go::


September 1st… This happens to be my Nephew Nicolas' 10th birthday.

Today is the official start of Halloween Movie Month that will run from now until October 31st. (Yes, we know that that is really spanning two months, but we like it this way.)

We're starting out our movie extravaganza tonight with ... 

°         Dracula (1979) - This movie came out the year I was born, (and I know only good things came out of 1979.) The reviews we read about it didn't sound so bad, so we're looking forward to seeing what we get. I'll let you know how that goes.

If anyone has any movie suggestions we're always glad to hear them.


SIDE NOTE: We have a ton of movies at home to watch and our Blockbuster Queue is full of horror movies as well. We have cartoon Halloween specials and claymation Halloween specials and all sorts of fun. We even have The Muppet show Halloween Special - and any episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer can fill in any gaps. Earlier this year I bought us a collection of old movies called 50 Horror Classics that I can't wait to bust out. The nest two months is going to be spectacular! If anyone wants to come over for movie night just let us know, we'll make some room on the couch for you.


September 4th we are going to a Raptors baseball game in Ogden with the Evans'. It will be the Ogden Raptors vs. the Casper Ghosts. (My brother-in-law Scott pointed out to me that it is not a battle between real raptors and real ghosts. It's just a bunch of guys playing baseball … I was very disappointed.) It should be a fun night with the family.


September 5th happens to be Not-Your-Sister's birthday. Lets keep our fingers crossed that her baby comes that day as well.


September 7th Not-Your-Sister's baby is due. Lovingly called Rake Rotten for quite a while he'll be named Ryan when he comes out. (Or at least that's what I was told.)


September 9th The Vampire Diaries Season to Starts on the CW … However it is still on Thursday nights – this may cause some conflict come September 23rd.


September 16th is the 3 year anniversary of Robert Jordan's death. (the next book comes out Nov. 2nd!!)


September 19th is TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY! Yes, this is my favorite holiday of the year it comes before Halloween, my birthday and Christmas. It is on a Sunday this year so it's a whole Pirate weekend. Make sure you have some Pirate-y fun that day.

September 19th is also the 4 year anniversary of Lariann's tumor.


September 23rd The Big Bang Theory moves to Thursdays and the New season begins.


September 24th is my adorable niece Natalie's birthday. She'll be two. I can't believe she's that old, but when you lose a whole year everything seems odd to you.


September 26th will be the 5 year anniversary of my cousin Ryan's death.


So that's September so far as it is already planned out for me. I'm sure there will be lots of other stuff going on. Right now I'm just looking forward to the cooler weather, homemade stew, sweaters, wool socks and the trees changing color. (Although a lot of that doesn't really kick in until next month.) It's also coming up to football season where we'll spend exuberant amounts of time watching football with the Evans'… maybe I'll be a sports fan someday … Naw, I hate sports so that will never happen. I can pretty much guarantee it.