Friday, October 18, 2013

New Glasses

Haunted Places

This is where we lived for eight years. It was a good little home. When we had originally moved in it was trashed.  TRASHED, I say. There was broken furniture all over the house. Lots of stuff was broken and the back yard was nonexistent due to a downed tree and a car being there. Pet spots on the carpets and smelling of cigarette smoke. We put a lot of work into the house over our time there. A lot of cleaning and a lot of yard work later the house was livable and turned into our home.


We hadn’t lived there long before odd things started.

First of all there was this cat that was in the house. Now, I obtained two cats of my own while living in the house, but then there was this third that I hadn’t expected. It was large and I’d say it was black, but really it was just a dark color. I would see it all over the house, out of the corner of my eye. I would think it was my cat and I would say hello to her, but upon entering another room I’d discover that she was there and not where I had seen her. This was our ghost cat. We also felt it jump upon the bed at night when everyone was already on the bed and accounted for.

Next there was a little boy in a red shirt. I’d see him in spurts and flashes. He was there and then gone before you really wanted to admit that you had seen anything.

I kept the fact that I had seen these apparitions to myself for quite a while, but one day I said something about what I had been seeing to my husband, and he admitted that he’d seen things too but felt like I wouldn’t believe him.

The cat appeared for all the years we lived there, but the boy disappeared and I don’t recall seeing him again after the first few years we were there.

There were other things as well.

I never felt quite right in the TV room. It’s the room that should have been the garage, but was converted to give the house extra space. It was always cold there, and I didn’t like being in there alone.

Black shadows on the ceiling. Our bed room was on the front of the house. There was a street light just across the road, and yes traffic would drive by… But you got used to those shadows, they were familiar and most often would make the same patterns on the ceiling. It was the DARK shadows that moved independently from the rest that would make you close your eyes and pretend you were asleep. There was something sinister about them that made a person uncomfortable in their own home.

There were also the whispers at night. Lying in bed you could hear them and almost make out what the whispers were saying but no matter how you strained your ears it never became clear.

We moved from there in 2012. We did love living there, but at the same time, we’re happy to be gone.