Sunday, September 12, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure

Part 4 - Accept the Quest -

“I’ll do it.” You hear yourself say and you’re surprised those are the words that came out. “I’ll go.” Hesitantly you reach out and take the cloth wrapped bundle from the woman and let the wrappings fall open in your hands.

Inside the layers of old cloth laid a battered silver pendant on a thick chain. The pendant itself was a ring, inscribed with symbols you have never seen before and it was attached to the chain by two hands of death, the skeletal fingers encircling the ring, one grasping each side, holding it in place.

“What is it?” You ask.

“The Ring of Thanaur.” She says with a hint of impatience, as if you should already know this. “Did they teach you nothing in your training!”
“What training?!” You ask in confusion.

She stares at you with her unsettling young eyes for a moment before she shakes her head and continues. “There is no time for this.” Turning back to the counter she takes the baldric, lifing it over your head and settling it on your shoulders. She then slides the long dagger into the sword loop and stuffs a flintlock pistol into your waist band. You will defeat Deathbringer and set us free.” Reaching out she touches your hand. “With the combined strength of the chosen and this ring you shall know the deceiver when it is time.”

“Huh?” You feel totally lost, but you realize that you are not going to get any useful information out of this woman so you decide to play along. Rolling your eyes you finally just respond, “Okay, whatever you say.”
Nodding curtly to you she tells you to put on the necklace. You obey and slip the long chain over your head, the pendant comes to rest in the center of your chest and you feel a shock run through your body as it settles into place.

“Three additional items you may choose to help you on your way.”

You turn back to the shop behind you, the candles seem to glow brighter and you can now see the merchandise before you, the trails in the dust from your trip through are a harsh scar on the dusty relics set out before you. The coatings of dust and cobwebs seem as though they have never been disturbed by mice or men.


* Red Stone, Cloak, Burlap Sack
* Raven, Crystal Skull, Cloak
* Signet Ring, Floppy Hat, Sealed Scroll Case

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