Thursday, April 22, 2010

Music, Music, Music!

Hi all,
This is just a shout out to the follwers of this POST from back in December of 2007. After all of our compalining and boycotting of this station it has finally failed, and The DJ's are gone!

NOTE: And yes, that was followers of just one post, and not of the blog, go figure.

Thanks to the amazing news I received yesterday I was finally able to seek out the lost station of 101.9 again with no fear of hearing the irratating voice of Jimmy Chunga in the monings. It was so nice to tune in this morning and hear, not only a song I love, but NO Chunga. Yay!

I think I seriously did a happy dance in my car this morning when after a few songs it cut to comercials. Usually I don't cheer for comercials, but the lack of Chunga just made my day.

I hadn't realized that it had been quite so long since I stopped listening to the radio. I guess my life has been full of so much more stuff going on that time just flew by. People have asked me in the past what station it was that I listened to once 101.9 was out of the picture, and the truth is, for a long time I didn''t listen to anything but what I owned.

After a while I went to the raido because there was not a CD in the car I wanted to listen to so I bounced between The Mix 107.9, My 99.5, and Movin' 100.7. Once in a while I would try FM 100.3, or one of my onging favorites Classical 89.1. But for the most part, I just listened to whatever I had on my iPod.

But this morning when I tuned into 101.9, just to check, the first song I heard was Baby's Got Back. Then Greenday. And then .... No Chunga! Nice!

All they play now is 90's music, which is both a good and bad thing, but I love it. I actually added it back to my presets. It's awesome now.

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