Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Favorite

This is one of my new favorite albums. (new meaning within the last 2 years) I was first introduce to Ludo probably the end of 2008 when my cousin and I were exchanging music and she gave me a song called :Love me Dead” I loved it and I immediately wanted more. This is the album that followed my request:

    You're Awful, I Love You
  1. Love Me Dead
  2. Drunken Lament
  3. Please
  4. Topeka
  5. Lake Pontchartrain
  6. Such As It Ends
  7. Mutiny Below
  8. Streetlights
  9. Go-Getter Greg
  10. The Horror Of Our Love
  11. Scream, Scream, Scream
  12. In Space
  13. Japan It! (Bonus Track)

Apparently Ludo has only been popular since 2007 so I don’t feel as out-of-the-loop/out-of-date as usual. Their music is a fun pop/rock/goth combination that I love. I smile every time I hear one of their songs on my iPod. They are catchy and I find that I often have a song from this album stuck in my head.


On a sobering note, last year when Lariann passed away every song I had in my car or on my iPod reminded me of her in some way. A lot of our relationship had revolved around music. I shared all I had with her, and in turn she shared her favorites with me. I think I even took her to her first concert, The Aquabats. So in a sense Music = Lari. I needed something to listen to loudly to block out the thoughts and aching that I had in my head revolving around her being gone, so I pulled out this album because it was one I hadn’t really listened to prior to that day, and I hadn’t had the opportunity to share it with her yet. I listened to this every time I was in the car for the months following. I listened to it so loudly that I couldn’t hear myself screaming the lyrics. It made me feel better.


I have since turned it down to my standard listening level (still super loud, but at least I can hear myself) but I have really grown fond of every song on the album.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Love Me Dead – My first Ludo song I listened to. I loved you at hello.


Lake Pontchartrain – this is the song that gets stuck in my head the most. I will often wake up in the morning with it running through my head. “Come down to Lake Pontchartrain. Rest your soul and feed your brain. That's where you will get to see, Everything the water can be.”


Such As It Ends – Fun Song!


Go-Getter Greg  - This song is funny in a pathetic stalker kind of way. It makes me laugh.


The Horror Of Our Love – What a great stalker song.


Japan It! – This is the song I listed to the most often. I think I have put it on every mix CD I have made since I heard it the first time. I always crank up the volume on this one and sing along.


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