Friday, April 30, 2010

It is just that Good

I'll admit, I bought this CD after only partially hearing a song on the radio because I loved it just that much...
Fall For You
        Secondhand Serenade
    A Twist In My Story
  1. Like a Knife
  2. Fall for You
  3. Maybe
  4. Stranger
  5. Your Call
  6. Suppose
  7. A Twist in My Story
  8. Why?
  9. Stay Close, Don't Go
  10. Pretend
  11. Goodbye
I had heard the end of the song "Fall for You" on the radio one day and the chorus was catchy "Tonight will be night I fall for you over again."  It was so melancholy and I guess it must have been the mood I was in because I bought that song the very same day. After listening to it I decided I wanted the whole album. I downloaded it from so I could listen to it immediately. Most of the songs are pretty sad about love and lost loves and dreams and disappointments, but a lot of modern music, I have noticed, is about that. Like in our modern world love is such a fleeting and disappointing thing. I don't believe that, but I guess the music industry does. A lot of the songs revolve around the theme of 'if you leave me I will die.'   
I really enjoy listening to Secondhand Serenade when I'm in that "bleh" mood because depending on how full or empty my cup is depends on how the music moves me.
Some favorites off the album:
Fall for You - This is my favorite on the album. I think that's probably because it's the first I heard. (That how a I choose a lot of my favorites on an album)
Your Call - "I was born to tell you I love you" This is a sweet song about love and working for it because "I'm tired of being all alone."
Goodbye - This is one of those 'dumped' songs for a relationship that has gone on too long past it's expiration date.
UPSIDE: Nice pretty quiet music that I could listen to when I'm in that retrospective mood or when the loudness of everything else has given me a headache. Nice to sing along to.
DOWNSIDE: Loses some of it's charm when played too loudly (i.e. when I have to drown out the sound of the department next to me or the voices in my head.) The music is still great, but I don't like it as much turned way up. (I think this is the first CD I have said that about.)

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