Monday, April 5, 2010

How much is that doggie in the window....

Bark! Bark!

And now that I have THAT song stuk in your head.....

TANGENT: Andrea, do you remember how Kenji used to LOVE that song and you had it on a record and the yellow big bird record player, and you had to play it over and over and over and over and over again? Yeah, that was awesome.

It has been a while since I posted something substantial. so I'm going to give it a shot today, now that I have pulled the calendar from my drawer, and see what I can come up with... Here I go.

Are you comfortable?

February flew by. It's a short month anyway, but this year it didn't really feel like it existed. Then March happened and now, suddenly we're in April.

February 5th was John's 30th birthday. Thus making him old, like the rest of us. It was a Friday. We drove out to the south end of the valley and had dinner with his brother Jared and the family. It was nice to see all of them, we don't get out to Utah County very often... Even if it was at the chuck-ur-gramma.

February 6th was a long day. Well, since the night before we weren't home we decided to have the party on Saturday night. This involved 3 days of cake preparation. Getting the right food coloring, baking the cake, locating my crystal cake stand. Yadda Yadda Yadda. I woke up early that morning 7 am! That's is early for me on a Saturday. I ran to the store to do our weekly shopping and then ran home to clean. Vacuumed the house. Mopped the floors. Cleaned the cat box. Showered. Frosted cake. At 2:00 pm we attended the baptism of one of our favorite little boys, named William, who belongs to our favorite Logan and Jenny. Visited at their house. Then ran home. All in time for a party at 6. No one showed up until 6:20 when my brother Z and his wife, Not-Your-Sister, showed up with their 3 kids and apologized for being late, (which they were) but since no one else had showed (I guess they weren't) The party got started and they got the first pieces of cake. (NOTE to Self: Next time. Bigger Cake). But the Party was a blast.

People from both families showed up, nice to have some representation among the family. More friends showed up than expected. It was so nice to see Tom and Lindsey and Holly and Megan you people don't come around enough. And an extra special thanks to everyone else who came, you really made John's un-birthday a fantastic day. And Thanks to Rachel (John's sister) for the decorations! They were spectacular!

February 7th - We got the news that the Father of one of our best friends passed away. This was hard news for us, we seem to be in a constant struggle with mortality and the depression just seems to pile up on us some days. But Bryce came out for the funeral and it was nice to see him.

February 12th was the funeral. We took the day off work. The service was beautiful and he will be missed.

February 16th We all got together with the Brand Family (All meaning: John, Bryce and Jacob + Spouses and Kids) It has been a while since all the boys have gotten together, and it is always a good time when we do. John sure misses his friends when they are not around.

Lets skip a few days where nothing of note happened...

Febryary 23rd - - - DISNEYLAND!! Or at least the start of our Disney trip. We left work early this day and Drove to St. George with John's parents. We spent the night in St. George with Kristin and her family. It is always so nice to see Kristin and Company. They are such a wonderful part of our lives. It's sad that we don't see them more often, but St. George is just so far away.

February 24th - After a fantastic breakfast burrito, we loaded back in the car early and made a stop at the Bass Pro Shop in Las Vegas. We got to wander the store for a while and Dad Evans couldn't leave without getting the Bass Pro game for his Wii. He's such a funny old guy. We stopped in Baker and had lunch at Big Boy next to the Worlds Largest Thermometer. (I can add that to my collection with the Worlds Largest Groundhog that we stopped at on the way to Kansas once.) We got to California around 4:00 pm and decided to go to dinner at Knott's Berry Farm Chicken Restaurant. The food was pretty good. I had chicken and Dumplings and John had the Fried Chicken. Mine was covered in gravy, and John had half a chicken all to himself. The Bredthauer's arrived later that night (Scott and Lucy and Scott's parents) and we all got prepared for our FUN-tastic day at Lagoon... er, I mean Disneyland!

February 25th - DISNEYLAND!! Yes, we finally made it. We had breakfast at the over-priced bad-service iHop right across the street from the front entrance to the park. We had Early Entry for the day so we were in line to get in. I don't know what it is about Disneyland, but when I wait in line to get in that first day I'm always so excited and so happy I could cry. I guess that's just the magic of it, isn't it. :) We got into the park and fun ensued.

February 26th – Feeling tired. Feet hurt, but still keeping up. We had a lunch appointment at Club 33 this morning. So we started out in Toon Town and did some wandering of the park. She was very excited to see Goofy and Mickey. Lucy liked Toon Town. But she LOVED seeing Winnie the Pooh. I don't know that I have ever seen her THAT excited for anything. She was absolutely adorable. I finally went on Splash Mountain. And for the Record: I HATE SPLASH MOUNTAIN. Whose brilliant idea was it to put the fat girl in front!? Oh that's right, Not Mine. I got soaking wet on that stupid ride, right before we went to lunch at Club 33. First of all, club 33 is very hoity-toity. Scott's dad has a friend who is a member and got us all in. It is very nice. Very expensive. It's located through a blue door right next to The blue Bayou. You have probably walked past that door a million times without even knowing it. I know I have. We were seated in the Trophy Room right under the Air Conditioning. I was freezing cold the whole time. The linen napkin and the nice cloth upholstered chair soaked up some of the water from my jeans, but not much, the effect was really just making everything I touched wet and cold. We had steak.

We spent pretty much the rest of that day in California Adventure. I'm not too impressed with that park, but it's getting better. Soaring Over California is always fun, as well as the Tower of Terror and the new Toy Story ride.
SIDE NOTE: Unfortunately I wasn't as impressed with Club 33 as I should have been. I didn't understand the historic significance of the place before I went. I didn't look it up until AFTER we came home, but now that I have read more about it and learned about some of the cool items that are stored there, I wish I had taken more pictures, and I'd like to go back. Oh well. Missed opportunity. It was pretty cool though, being able to go somewhere that not a whole lot of people get the oppertunity to do.

February 27th – By our third day. I was tired and sore, and John's mom was very tired and very sore. She ended up getting an "electric conveyance device" that we lovingly called the Jazzy. It was Awesome. We got to skip so many lines and it was a life saver for how many times we crossed the parks that day. Space Mountain is awesome in the dark. It was lit up last time we went with Red Hot Chilli Pepper blasting in our ears, so it was cool to go on it for real this time. Plus, no waiting in line. Score! I think we went on the Tower of Terror like 6 times during this trip. I'm scared of heights, but I love that ride. Weird, I know. John bought a picture of us all on the ride. (Minus the moms and Lucy.) It's a classic photo. Scott has it hanging on his fridge. The Evans' had lunch at The Blue Bayou. This is a place in Disneyland that I love. I don't think there is anything on the menu for less than $23 but the food is good, and the atmosphere is well worth it. This trip, as a whole, was kind of our farewell to Lari. We came to the park to celebrate her life, and to do some of the things that she had wanted to do but never had the chance. At lunch, there on the Pirates of the Caribbean river front, we talked about Lari and remembered her life. We toasted her and had our own moment of silence in her memory. It was a sweet memory that I now have of Lari, she wasn't there physically, but I'm sure she was with us. It rained most of the day on and off, we had our ponchos. I also rode the Monorail for the first time. I know it's not the most exciting ride in the park, but it's one of those things you need to go on at least once. I left the park around 8:45 that night. John stayed to "close the park" with Scott and his dad, but I was cold and tired and starting to get sick so I walked back to the hotel and bought myself some Tylenol, but I could see the fireworks from the hotel window, and they were amazing.

February 28th – With our visit to Club 33 we got a one day pass to use on the day of our Club 33 visit, so that left us one more day at Disneyland on our 3 day pass. We went back over to the park to catch up some extra shopping before leaving for home. We left Anaheim around noon and drove back to Kristin's n St. George for the night. I slept most of the way. I was getting a cold and felt like crud. I went to bed early that night.

March 1st – Monday morning we woke up to pancakes for breakfast and prepared for the drive home. Kristin gave me Cold Medicine. I slept all the way home.
March 2nd - I was so sick, but I was determined to get to work after a vacation so I mustered up all the will power I could find and drug myself into the office. Suprisinglyy, there was very little that I had waiting for me. My new assistant who had only become my assistant about two weeks before did a smashing job at taking care of things while I was out. Which meant that the next day...
March 3rd - I stayed home sick.
That was the disneyland trip. It was awesome. A big THANK YOU to the Breadthauer's who invited us along. It was so much fun sharing Lucy's first Disneyland experiance, and I hope that when the New Bredthaur family decides to go again that we might be invited to come along again sometime in the future.
March 6th - Alice in Wonderland with Devin & Rachel and Rob & Erica in Ogden. I hadn't been to the Larry-Plex in Ogden so that was new to me. It just made me see that I'd rather drive to Jordan Commons instead.
March 8th - My dad had surgery to have two huge kidney stones removed. He's doing pretty good now, at least in the kidney department.
RANDOM SIDE NOTE: I have fallen into a 20 oz Soda once a day. I had gotten down to one 20 oz Soda a week, I'm so disappointed with myself. But I have noticed every time I'm at the Soda machines that the Pepsi machine dispenses so much faster then the Coke machine. And I wonder... Does the Coke machine purposefully dispense slower to make you think of that Coke commercial where the weird little beings inside the coke machine put the coke together and fly it all around their little world before it is dispensed for your enjoyment?? I think they do.
April 4th. Yes, It was Easter, and General Conference. I enjoyed both.
And before I go, one final Moive Review for this post:
Whip It! - This movie was awesome! I totally love Roller Derby. If I wasn't so out of shape, and if I didn't bruse so easily I'd think about joining a leauge here in Utah. The movie is totally cute. It's a bout a teenage girl finding something she loves and then having to fight for it. We had expected it to be a funny movie, but it turned out to be rather touching and cute. I recommend it to those eho enjoy a good movie.


Lindsay said...

Thanks for posting info about the trip! Scott told me about it back in November so it was nice to actually hear about the trip. I hope you are well!

ScottBoomer said...

I belive it was my idea to put you in the front of the log on Splash Mountain and I don't regret it at all.