Monday, April 19, 2010

Movie Review Monday

How to Train Your Dragon - Two words = LOVED IT! This movie was totally awesome. We saw this in 3D. Though I am not a fan of 3D this movie was totally awesome. I loved the characters, the dragons, the story. It was a winner all the way around. I suggest you go see this with or without your kids.
Rescuers Down Under - This is a movie I hadn't seen for a very long time, but I saw it twice on Wednesday while watching Lucy. I forgot how cute the movie was... but at the same time it isn't my favorite Rescuers movie. I prefer the first.
The Great Mouse Detective - I love this movie, I always have. It was released last week from the Disney Vaults and I had to have it. I have always liked detective stories and Basil and Dawson are some of my favorites.
Sherlock Holmes - Bought this one because it is awesome. It is as good today as it was when I saw it in the theater. Jude Law and Robert Downey, Jr. are great together as Holmes and Watson. I do hope that there will be a sequel.
The Best of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - I don't remember watching a lot of He-Man as a kid. I do recall that my brothers owned a large number of He-Man action figures that I thought were awesome. . . but watching this show now, well, it wasn't quite as cool as I remember it being. As a matter of fact we both slept through most of the episodes in this collection. Yes, it's just that exciting. The stories are campy. Prince Adam's purple and pink outfit just wasn't very flattering. I do still love Skeletor he is an awesome bad guy.

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