Friday, April 2, 2010

Silly Silly People

I had to answer the following question before I could invite someone to be my friend on
Q: "If someone made a statue of you, what material would it be made from and what did you do to deserve it?"
A: I think my statue would need to be made out of obsidian. This would make me dark and beautiful with sharp edges. I would deserve this statue because I brought down the stupid people of earth, starting low by destroying those who can't properly sort faxes, or people who leave voice mail without a name or return number. I'd then move to those who  can't staple correctly or use a cross walk.... Soon, under my command the world would be full or efficient people who did as they were told and always did their jobs in the proper order! I will bring peace to the chaos and in the end we could all say "The World IS Quiet Here."

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