Monday, April 12, 2010

Movie Review Monday

Clash of the Titans - Epic battles. Medusa. Giant monsters. Immortals. This movie was pretty good. John loved it. I only liked it. It was pretty cheesy in parts and I spent a lot of time rolling my eyes at the absurdity of it all. But I would recommend this movie to those who like a good action film with not very much story development.
Jennifer's Body - Teen promiscuity. Demon possession. Violence. Satanic rituals... This movie has just about everything needed for a campy "B" movie, but oddly enough, it was pretty entertaining. It didn't turn out at all the way I had expected it to.
Ghost Stories - (Anime) This series was loaned to us. For the most part, the animation is good. (Like most Anime we have watched.) But the English dubbing was terrible. The characters are crash, vulgar, offensive, and the story makes no sense. HOWEVER, if you watch it with the subtitles it becomes a whole different show. I recommend watching this one in Japanese with English subtitles (it's less distracting that way.) The story is very interesting and I enjoyed the plot more without all the "gigity-gigity" and prostitute filler.

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