Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jelly Beans

    So, I was looking at my hands yesterday morning and noticing how long my fingernails had gotten and said to John. I think I either need to cut my fingernails or paint them red. Surprisingly he said "Paint them red"... and I thought to myself 'I haven't painted my fingernails in so long, it might be fun to paint them.'
    That took me on a quest to my local Wal-Mart to find the perfect color. I wanted a nice Fire Engine Red, but that is harder to find then I thought. There was Ruby Red and Red Carpet Red and a million other shades of red in-between but nothing came close to the Red that I really wanted.
    When I was a teenager I had shoeboxes full of nail polish in almost every color imaginable along with some clear coat and some glow in the dark. I loved having my nails painted. My favorite colors were always black and orange in so many varieties. Sometimes one hand would be one color and the other hand the other color, or alternating finger tips or my favorite the Black & Orange french manicure. I have no idea what ever happened to my boxes of finger colors. I bet their still at moms house. They have all probably dried out by now, so mom, if you find them you can just throw it all away. . .
    But back to my quest for the perfect red ... My eldest sister is notorious for having painted nails. It's mostly just her toe nails these days, but I remember when she was a teenager she would have her finger nails painted and it annoyed our father to no end. I always loved her bright red polish and in many ways I think she is one of the reasons I painted my nails so much as a youngster. I tried to emulate her in so many ways because she was my favorite and I thought she was uber-cool.
    I think I love red polish so much because it is such a flashy color and it is just fun. I have memories of one or the other (or both) of my parents referring to red polish as a trampy color and I always thought that was funny. Not that I want my nail polish to label me as a tramp, but I do love the bright colors.
     I finally settled on Red Carpet which once applied is more of a pinkish-red, which is not at all what I was looking for. Boo hoo so sad, I'll have to stop at Walgreens on the way home and see if they have the color I want. 
    It has been so long since I have had my nails polished that they are a little distracting today. Every time my hands move my nails catch my eye and they remind me of red jelly beans. The middle sister did remind me today not to try and eat my jelly bean fingers, and I know that that is good advice because as Willy Wonka told Charlie "even *I'm* eatable! But that is called "cannibalism," my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies."  
It also seems to be effecting my ability to type as I have missed tons of letters in words as well as grossly misspelling things. Funny how something so simple can have such and impact on your motor functions.
    Well, now that you have read this rambling blog about my fingernails I'll let you return to your hum-drum lives that can't be half as exciting as my fingernails.

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M.O.M. said...

I have the "red" that you are looking for in my bathroom! It makes me feel good that you once thought I was uber-cool... :)