Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm grumpy today

I joined a weight loss support group on where I have other fat girls to talk to and am able to vent about my weight frustration to someone other then my dear husband who always tells me that I am beautiful no matter how much I weigh.... In this group we weigh in once a week and set goals to reach. I haven't lost a single pound since I joined them, in fact I have gained 4 pounds in the past few weeks. Then after my disappointment at the doctor's office on Friday weighing in at 226 I refused to weigh myself on Monday. Isn't that sad icon_sad.gif Oh well. I have been grumpy and depressed most of this week and that has taken my will to exercise.


Monday I went to a family gathering for my dear husband's grandma's 86th birthday and had a hard time being there with everyone and their cute little happy families and the babies that abound there.  There was this group of people playing with their kids over there, and that other group of people over there playing with the babies. I actually had to text my husband across the room and tell him that I needed to leave because I didn't want to start crying in the middle of the party.

Then yesterday I had to go in and have blood taken to test for hypertension and I had to do a fasting blood sugar test so I couldn’t eat anything all day and I am not one who can survive on just water.... I finally made it to the Lab at about 4:30 pm and had 5 vials of blood taken!
5!! I don't know that I have ever given that much blood outside of the blood bank bus. wow! but here's to hoping that they find something wrong with me so I'm not just tired, fat and sick for no reason. I really don't mean to be a hypochondriac. So now my arm is bruised and sore. I hate giving blood. I'm currently waiting until I hear back from my doctor since I went to the lab so late yesterday after noon I probably wont hear back from them until this afternoon if I'm lucky. Ugh.

Anyway, that's my sob story for the week... but on the bright side Spring has finally arrived to Salt Lake city, and I have my tickets for U2 in Las Vegas which is really the brightest spot of them all.
I have set some weight loss goals. Notice that there aren't any "completed by" dates that way if I lose the weight slowly or quickly it wont make a difference as to whether or not I can reward myself.
Starting Weight: 226 (4/17/09)
Current Weight: 226
Goal Weight: 160
Goal 1: 215 - New Shoes
Goal 2: 200 - Car Detail
Goal 3: 185 - Night Out
Goal 4: 170 - Vacation
Goal 5: 160 - FINALLY having my bridals taken (7yrs later)

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