Thursday, April 9, 2009

Codeine or no Codeine?

I have had some really strange dreams the past few days that my doctor has put me back on Codeine Cough Syrup ...
The first night of strange dreams I dreamed that I was back in elementary school and I started walking home but crazy Frank and his son Matthew told me to come ride the bus home with them. Even though I argued that the bus route didn't go to our street I started to cross the street to stand with them at the bus stop but I got hit by a car on my way over. A bunch of cars stopped to check on me but I mumbled to them that I was fine and then slipped into unconsciousness. When I woke up I was still laying in the road and all the cars were gone so I pushed myself up off the road and even though I was a twisted and broken with one leg dragging behind me I hobbled to the bus stop just as the bus closed it's doors and drove away. I fell down on the grass and waited to die, but when that didn't happen I had to pick myself up again and start walking home. It was snowing. As I hobbled to main street there was a Porsche show and everyone was getting rides in Porsches but I just needed to cross the street so I dragged myself across the street but people kept honking at me for being in the way. When I finally did get across the street I made it down Center Street to the church before falling over again. ... I think this is where I woke up, I don't remember ever getting home on my broken leg.
At nap time I dreamed I was driving home from work and I merged into another lane and put my foot on the gas to pass the slow car next to me when suddenly the back-hoe in front of me stopped and my car went careening into  the back of it -- causing me to jump myself awake a full 2 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off.
Then while sleeping last night I had several dreams that scared me awake for one reason or another... the first dream I don't really remember what was happening in it I just remember that I was shot several times before I could wake up.
My second dream was that John, Jessica and myself were investigating a haunted Wal-Mart and amidst the dream we were told that we could take any doll we wanted (because there were random creepy dolls all over the store0 but we couldn't take anything else. Well apparently I wasn't listening because I put a chair and a lamp in the back seat of the car but then I heard the restrictions so I said to myself "I'll out them back in a minute and I went into the office to talk to someone but when I came back out the ghosts had clawed Jessica's eyes out and she was bleeding all over my car.
The final dream of my night was that the same person I talked to in the office in my last dream was a crazy OCD lady who had to sign everything. If there was a line for a signature on anything she would have to sign it. So I was having her sign a bunch of paperwork and when I was done there was one line left unsigned because it was for someone else to sign, but she HAD to sign it and I wouldn't let her. So I left the office and went on my merry way. Well, this crazy lady went to the pet department and bought a gold fish and stuck it in the irrigation ditch and commanded it to find me and eat me. So my dream progressed though the fish's point of view as it swam through the ditch trying to find me and eat me. It ate a bunch of things along it's way so it got bigger and bigger as it went. When it finally found me the point of view switched back to me and I saw the fish coming with a mouth full of spiders and so I grabbed a branch that was hanging over the ditch so that the fish would just get swept by and not get me, but as I hung onto the branch a spider bit me and I woke up before I fell in the ditch. . .
How's that for interesting . I think it's gotta be the cough syrup because I don't recall having such strange dreams otherwise.

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Alesha said...

Seriously...that's so awesome. I thought I was the only one who was having weird dreams lately, but I have to say...these are even crazier than some of the ones I have had...I mean a goldfish with spiders...LOL...seriously!