Friday, January 4, 2008

Tis the season

So I have a cold again. Nothing new. I have gotten sick for almost every holiday since I was in high school and the husband asked me the other day if I don't just do it on purpose. Yes Honey, I go out an pick up other people's used Kleenex and then ask them to lick my keyboard just so I can get a cold for the holidays.... riiiight.
So I'm super stuffy and have a major sinus headache and I just want a good dose of Nyquil and my bed. I'm at work though, and what I want is not an option.
Oh, and.... guess what came back along with my cold?? The cough. The wheezing. The squeaking. And my personal favorite waking myself up coughing in the middle of the night.
However this time, instead of waiting until I'm near death with my could and coughing I went to the doctor early and got some antibiotics for the nasal thing, and a new prescription for an inhaler. So hopefully I wont suffer through this one as much as I suffered through the last one.
I now officially have asthma on my medical records so no one in the future will tell me I'm crazy because I say I can't breathe.

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