Wednesday, January 2, 2008


New Years has come and gone and all I really have to show for it is the fact that I'm almost another year older.

Bad things: I'm now only 1 year away from being 30. I still only have 2 cats and no babies. I still weigh to much. I still eat to much. I still sleep to much. I haven't been to Curves in 3 months. I haven't been to church in 4 months. John still works at the Church Office Building. I still rent my sister's house. I still don't have my car. I'm still being sued.

Good things: I do still like my job. It's almost been 6 years since I got married (1/25/02). It's almost been 7.5 years since I went on my mission (2/23/00). I still have a rental car that I'm not paying for.

What are my New Years Resolutions?

Go to Curves at least 2 times a week if not 3
Lose another 36 pounds
Make John go to school
Have a baby (or at least work towards it)
Pay off the Credit Card
Stop being sued
Stop being in car accidents
Pay off the computer
Buy a Laptop
Get back into the habit of cleaning my house weekly
Go back to church
Serve more
Spend more time with my parents
Visit grandma's more often
Spend more time with friends
Spend more time with my brothers and sisters
Work harder
Grow flowers
Do yard work
Hike somewhere
Take a trip to St. George at least 2 times
Make at least 1 trip to Washington
Be more grateful
Teach John to cook
Work towards buying a house
Love more
Stop being so bitter
Pray more
Read my scriptures
Be more open minded
Learn something
Read more
Spend more time outdoors
Do my visiting teaching
Write in my journal and not just blog
Send Birthday cards
Be happier
Nap less
Say I Love You more often


Anonymous said...

First off, hitting 30 sucks but when you get to 31 it's not as bad. Second off, you have way too many goals. How can you accomplish them if you set your standard too high??? You're supposed to take baby steps to these things. My thoughts only. :)

Anonymous said...

wow! I'm impressed! I think I have 3 goals for the new year and one of them is to do the dishes before I go to bed at night!
The book I was sending you got sent to my house- I will get it off before your birthday- hopefully! I think all your goals are reasonable- if you take life a day at a time. When you look too far ahead, it just gets overwhelming and you give up. You'll do great!

Dizzy Miss Lizzy said...

true ...
however if I master a few of them then a lot of the others should just fall into place.
Like going to church for instance would help with a lot of them.
Paying off a few bills would help with others.
So there are a lot that depend on others to be accomplished.