Thursday, January 10, 2008


What is worse then finding that the rental car company has charge you $50.08 for a rental car State Farm is supposed to be paying for?
How about another $400.00 charge plus another $100.00 worth of over draft fees two days later AFTER we had already contacted the insurance company for the first charge!?!
I'm Mad! John's Mad! Bonnie in the State Farm Claims Department is MAD!
This is going to screw us over royally.
Sure, I get paid today, but that will only cover all the charges and overdrafts what am I supposed to do about all the bills that come out of my account next week? this is all fine and dandy while State Farm issues us a check for all this. How am I supposed to buy gas for my car? I guess it's a good thing we didn't come to work yesterday, it saved us some gas money.....
This is going to end up costing the insurance Company A LOT of money.
(frustrated laugh)
Now everyone, it's swearing time with Liz please join in the fun:
@&*(@#$&83&*%#(&@%! @)#*@*($(#$&(@!)@!  (&@$UERFI#) &*#(@(*@!#!@$#!!! EI@($*(*!@$*(@#EIR(#$*JRI!!

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Loran said...

Get an attorney!!!!

I think it is crap when you pay and pay for insurance, and they screw you over. This was not even your fault! What is the other guys insurance doing? What is he driving? Maybe I should have given you cash for your birthday.

I love swear time with Liz. This should be at least a once a week feature of your blog:)