Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cars Suck

 I was asked the following questions today and realized that I have failed to fill people in so here you go:
"Did you finally get your car back?  Is the insurance going to reimburse you for the rental plus fees?"
No, I don't have my car back. John talked to the shop on friday and they said the car was done, but they had to do the final once over and they'd call us when we could pick it up. . . hasn't happened yet.
Yes, the insurance company is reimbursing us for all the money that was stripped from our poor broke hands. This whole thing is jacked up if you ask me. I'm so sick of State Farm & Enterprise! I hope that I never get in an accident again and have to deal with all this crud. I'm tired of it. Next time I just want them to total it out and let me have a new car that way all of this crap could have been settled 54 days sooner.
Thank you, Drive thru, Meow Meow.

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