Friday, January 4, 2008

Stuff that makes ME smile

On my sister's blog she has a section that looks like this:

Stuff That Makes Me Smile

Fozzie Bear ~ Funny Blogs ~ Crazy Kittens
which makes me laugh because I relate to all three of her statements. namely:
Fozzie Bear - I love Fozzie. I think I have always loved Fozzie with his natty brown fur that makes him look like a teddy bear that has gotten just the right amount of love and he unforgettable "waka waka waka!" that follows each of his jokes. John & I got Season One of the Muppet Show for Christmas this year and have spend the last several nights watching episodes. We're up to the second disk and episode 12. Sure, we have no idea who most of the special guests are because even they were before our time, but we watch it for the Muppets. It's funny to watch how the characters developed over the first part of Season One. Fozzie however has stayed the same, He is a constant. I miss Fozzie Bear some times.
Funny Blogs - This is something I do enjoy. More over, I like having the funny blog. I have recently learned that my blog has many fans. Friends, and friends of friends as well as family find it necessary to check my blog at least once a day if not more. It makes me feel like I really must post daily just to keep everyone entertained. I don't mind though because I enjoy doing it.
Crazy Kittens - I have 2 of these. I believe that all kittens are crazy, it's just a matter of who's around to watch them. I just got new curtains for my living room to replace the see through ones that were there before and you would have thought I had destroyed the cats whole world... They just sat there - either on the floor or on the love seat - staring at the windows with angry looks on their faces. OH NO! they can't see outside with out a little effort! it truly is the end of the world.

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