Friday, January 4, 2008

It is a proven fact

2007 was the year of no parties.
I did not host a single party at my house for the whole year, and guess what we learned. . .
There must be a party at John & Liz's or the world falls apart.
For most holidays in 2007 we made other plans or just skipped them completely and I didn't mind it one bit, but then we start getting the phone calls: "What are you guys doing for (insert holiday here)?" It is inevitable.
Like on New Years we had other plans to spend it away from home with someone else. As soon as we had made those plans suddenly we had people coming out of the woodwork to spend New Years with us... two little sisters called, my brother's girl friend emailed, our "married friends" called... etc. Each one wanted to know what we were doing for New Years Eve. Now, had we had the party at our house this wouldn't have been a problem because we usually just say "come on over to our house we're (insert activity here) and you're more then welcome to join us."
so it has come down to this. No matter what my complaints are I need to have the parties at my house that way we can cater to everyone (including me) and if you don't come it's not my problem because at least you were invited.
So - FYI - The following are parties I will be having at my house in 2008:
Liz's Birthday - Saturday 1/12/2008 . . . but on the other hand this may be at Holly's house - depends - I'll keep you posted
John's Birthday - Saturday 2/02/2008 bring a present
Canadian Thanksgiving - Saturday 10/11/2008 (I'll have my party the Saturday before because thanksgiving on a Monday is a joke)
Halloween - Friday 10/31/2008 - come in costume!
Christmas - Saturday 12/20/2008 - it's a white elephant party so bring a gift
New Years Eve - Wednesday 12/31/2008
So there you go. Other parties will be planned as the year moves on.

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