Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Working at the Cementary

I need to explain my earilier post. The one with the picture of the Salt Lake cementary. I was got to work Pres.Hinckley's funeral. I was suppost to work in the control room. I was instead needed to stand guard at the front gates most of the morning. It was lots of fun. I met very friendly people, and one jerk. I had to let all the "press" in. I had to tell people the cementary was closed to the public. They all wanted to get pictures, and stuff. It's was cold but a pretty easy job. Then security came at noon to let me go back and help out at the office building. Keeping people out was easy the only real problem I had was keeping the Zombies in. I didn't have a cricket bat, or a record colletion to deffened myself with. Anyway, It's was a get funeral. I am glad I could help.


RancorX said...

do I hear references to Shawn of the dead?

Dizzy Miss Lizzy said...

Shawn of the Dead is an Awesome movie.