Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why do I have another rental?

Where do I begin with this.....
Well we got the car back January 18th. No sooner did John drive it away from Jack Harris Auto Body then it was apparent that it was NOT fixed to our standards.
The muffler is bent (HOW DO YOU MISS THAT AS A MECHANIC??)
The engine idles really high
the car sputters and sounds like it's going to die while sitting at stop lights
there is an ominous "click" when the key is turned (sounds like it is coming from the rear near the gas tank
the trunk doesn't close correctly I can STILL fit most of my hand under the trunk lid when it is closed
there is a horrible squeaking as it drives over any size bump in the road
... and various other little issues that my 2006 Ford Focus that was new-ish with only 20,000 miles on when I bought it on January 10, 2007 did not have prior to being smashed on November 20, 2007.
When we picked the car up the cost of repairs was just under $7,000 and the cost of the rental cars is close to $2,000 ... We think that the insurance company probably would have been better off just totally the thing out, but it's too late for that now.


M.O.M. said...

Have you tried talking to your insurance company and suggesting that the car be totalled with all the "new" damage and cost? I'm sure you have.... just thinking out loud.

Anonymous said...

It makes ya wonder what they did fix in the two full months they had your car.

Dizzy Miss Lizzy said...

after we got the car back with all the problems John asked the insurance if they would just total it out, but they said no because they have already paid to fix it. However, the insurance company said that we can continue to take the car back to the shop until we are happy with the repairs... like that's a big help why should I have to take the car back AFTER they suposidly fixed it!? Arrgh!!

I think we will be getting a lawyer to at least fight for the loss of value on a car that I will never be able to re-sell for what I owe on it. Not to mention all the other reasons I'd like to bring up a lawsuit.