Friday, October 22, 2010

And I was like, Hey Girl, can I get your number?

What's my CD for the week ... well, this has been playing in my car for the last few days, (well, this and all of the other NKOTB albums on an MP3 disk that I like to torture my husband with,) and I was surprised to see that I hadn't put this up yet since it is one of my recent favorites in the "CD's I Love" category. Are you ready for this?
The Block [Deluxe Edition]
    The New Kids on the Block

I LOVE this Band, and I don't care who knows it! There were times as a teenager that I tried to deny that I was a New Kids fan, and I refused to be a fan while they were popular, but even after all these years I have been a New Kids girl. From the first time I ever saw adorable Joey-Joe and listened to him sing "Please Don't Go Girl" he's had that giddy little girl part of my heart. The new Kids on the Block have been around since 1985 nut in 1995 they dropped off the face of the earth as a group for about 15 years but now they're back... And we're all grown up now.
I'll admit, when I first bought the album I didn't really like it, and it took a few times listening to it until it really grew on me, and now I can't imagine not loving it. I just love listening to my Joey belt out the songs. His voice makes me smile. The Block album was released in 2008 preceding their reunion tour. And yes, I did pre-order the Album, and Yes, I did attend the Concert when they came to Salt Lake.
The Block is full of some very mature songs. They've gone from 80's/90's Pop Band to Dirty Adult Band. I'm pretty sure that there is a sexual reference in every song on this album. I have listened and listened to this album several times trying to decide if there is any one song on it that is purely innocent, and though I keep telling myself that there is one, I can never seem to decide if that's true or not.
Maybe there are two that aren't so bad: "Stare At You" is the song I have picked as my song for John, because "I could just stare at you forever, if forever you were staring at me." I think it's probably the cheesiest song on this CD, but I don't care, I love it. "Don't Cry" talks about showing your love because I one of us might be gone tomorrow. These two songs choke me up a little. Sniffle sniffle. "I'll be trippin' can't wait 'til the next time,  but if there isn't a next time... Maybe just, don't cry, don't cry."
I love every song on this album. Musically the album is fantastic, lyrically it's just dirty. (I'm one of those people you hear about at church all the time who listens to inappropriate music.) You can tell just how inappropriate some of the songs are just by their titles "Grown Man", Sexify My Love" (is that a real word??), "Dirty Dancing" but other's are more subtly deceiving in their titles, but they're just as dirty: "Lights, Camera, Action", "Full Service", "Big Girl Now"... Sadly, these are some of the best songs to belt out while you're driving in the car. Just know that when you listen to this CD it's probably not one to listen to with impressionable children around.

This Album successfully covers all the basses of a relationship:
Meeting = "Single" "Put It On My Tab" "Twisted" "Full Service"
Falling in Love = "Summertime" "One Song"
Being in Love = "Click, Click, Click" "Stare At You" "Don't Cry"
Lust = "Big Girl Now" "Grown Man" "Sexify My Love" "Lights, Camera, Action"
Fighting = "2 In The Morning"
Being unfaithful = "Dirty Dancing" "Looking Like Danger"
Breaking up = "Officially Over"

On a side note: Donnie Wahlberg recently got divorced.

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