Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Movie Month Week 7

Disturbia (2009) - This movie was an okay thriller. You knew it wasn't going to be super scary because it was only rated PG-13, but that's okay. we don't need terrifying every day. What's it about? Boy has issues, stuck at home he watches his neighbors, something terrible happens, boy saves day. This was a good movie for what it was. I even jumped once, but that's about it. This is one of those movies that you could rent for your teenagers and be okay with the fact that it's not full of sex or blood or too much swearing.


Animals (2008) - Wow, this was a terrible movie. The CGI was bad, the acting was bad, the story was bad. We were hoping for some werewolf fun, or at least some sort of animal transformation, but this movie is just full of sex scene after sex scene after sex scene. This may fit into the "soft porn" category. I can't believe we watched it. There was no suspense, it took too long to get anywhere past the sex, and when the "monsters" finally did transform it was into these ghostly ethereal dog/beast forms that really sucked. I suggest that no one ever watch this movie. Ever. Interestingly enough, it was filmed in Utah.


Planet Terror (2007) - This movie... well, what do I say about it. This is a Quentin Tarantino movie, and it's meant to be campy. Bruce Willis is an army general who, with the help of some toxic gas starts a Zombie invasion. The players in the film are the Sheriff, a Stripper, a Restaurant Owner, a Nurse, a Bio-Chemist, and El Ray (not sure who he was.) This rag-tag band has to escape the Zombies and find a way to live happily ever after. Sadly, lots of people die, but the movie is very entertaining. There are so many inconsistencies in it, and periodically the film will burn up so you come back further in the film, but that's part of it's charm. If you don't mind a Tarantino film I suggest you rent this one for laughs.


Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010) - There are Three Lost Boys Movies?? This is the question I asked myself in the movie store not too long ago. And the answer is yes. I've seen the first, and now I've seen the last. Perhaps this week we'll rent the second if it's in at the video store. This is supposedly the last of the Frog Brother's adventures in Vampire slaying. They did an okay job of writing Corey Haim out of the movie since he died last year, and there is a lot in it that I'm sure would make more sense if I had seen the second movie. but this is the big battle to kill the Head Vampire and save the world from a gigantic vampire army that is being created.


Diary of the Dead ( 2007) - Zombies. This is another in the ongoing collection of "the Dead" movies. In this one it's a group of students from Penn State who are film makers/documentaries that film their journey home through the beginnings of the Zombie invasion. There is some death, there are zombies, there is some swearing. This is just the run of the mill Zombie movie with some eating of brains, shooting your friends, and the sad knowledge that no one will really survive this adventure. Zombie movies never really have happy endings.


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