Friday, October 8, 2010

Tribal Spaceman and all that's in between

     Spice Girls

 1. Spice Up Your Life

 2. Stop

 3. Too Much

 4. Saturday Night Divas

 5. Never Give Up On The Good Times

 6. Move Over

 7. Do It

 8. Denying

 9. Viva Forever

10. The Lady Is A Vamp

Release date: November 1997
John and I get a lot f flak for loving the Spice Girls, but really how can you not love them. This isn't even a "guilty pleasure" there is no guilt about loving this. This album was released following the movie with the same title. (Which is completely fabulous! It's the best band movie since The Beatles HELP! I thoroughly suggest you watch it at least once.) Scary, Posh, Baby, Ginger, and Sporty were some of the most entertaining pop artists that were around back in the 90's.
I remember "TheBox" channel on TV, that played requested music videos 24/7, would always play "Wannabe" (from their 1996 album Spice which is also great to listen too) over and over and over again (between music videos of Bone Thugs in Harmony and The Blood Hound Gang) and I loved them from the first "Tell me what you want!"
This CD is full of so many great songs: Spice Up Your Lives, Stop, Saturday Night Diva, Never Give Up On The Good Times, Move Over, The Lady Is A Vamp... I pretty much love all of them. I can live without hearing Viva Forever: it's not a favorite of mine.
My favorite spice was Scary. (She's just awesome.) John's favorite was Ginger. And my oldest brother liked Posh.
Who's your favorite Spice Girl?

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