Saturday, October 16, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure

- Help the Demon -
Your chest feels tight as you debate in your head what you are going to do, but you finally step forward reaching out with your empty hand you grasp the chain around the woman’s waist, yanking it free of her body. She kicks at you, the look of fear that had been on her face previously turned to anger.

Suddenly you feel as though you’re burning from the inside out you drop your dagger and start tearing at your clothes, trying to cool down. Dropping to your knees you start to scream, but through your screams you hear the gravelly voice of the demon.

“This is the end of your wicked ways.”

You look up. He’s shaking her like a rag doll. With a twitch of the demon’s wrist the shining sword fell from her hand skidding across the sand to disappear into the river of lava. With the threat gone the demon put his other hand to good use by grasping the woman’s side and twisting her into a contorted knot. You heard bones snapping, her eyes bulged, and her mouth gapped, and the demon cast the woman to a molten death just as her sword had done moments before.

As her body disappeared below the orange surface the burning within you suddenly ceases and you can breathe again. You’re light headed in the aftermath of the pain so you remain seated on the ground and watch as the demon squats down, gathering the chain in his hand before wrapping around his forearm, the broken ends melding into his skin, bonding with his flesh. The blisters on his skin began to fade away as he sat back on his heal and took a deep breath. Slowly he rose to his feet and approached you.

“My thanks, human.” He said, offering you a hand up. Though the blisters have disappeared he was still yellow and wore nothing but a loin cloth, and the chain around his arm. “One less witch in the world means one less threat.”

You can’t speak. Your throat is dry and you’re still unsure of what just happened.

“It’s better that we leave this place before her sister’s arrive. I can take on one, but I do not think that even with two of us we’ll be able to face nine.”

You nod and take his hand. He easily pulls you to your feet and opens his mouth as if he were about to say something but it just hangs open as he stares at your chest.

“It is you!” It says after a moment. Placing a hand on each of your shoulders he inclines his head towards you. “You have come, bearer of Thanaur!”

You recognize the name Thanaur from Citrine. The pendant against your chest seems to thrum with the acknowledgement of it.

“You…you know me?” You’re breathless, surprised, and a little afraid.

“Know you?” It came out almost as a laugh. “Know you? I have been waiting my entire life to find you.” He stared down at you; a sort of smile parted his lips showing his sharp teeth, his eyes glowing red in the shadows of his face “But what unfortunate luck you have to pass through the caverns of misery to come upon me.”

“Who are you?” the fear was wearing off, being replaced by curiosity. Looking up you see him now, not for the gruesome creature that was killing someone, but as someone that could possibly help you… or kill you. Your raven, Harry, cawed from his place on the floor before hopping on to the creatures shoulder.

“I am called Creason.”

You give your name in return and briefly explain to him that you don’t know what is going on and that you are to find a Captain Faelphrestad.

“Faelphrestad…” Creason growls, clenching his hands into fists. His stance shouting his loathing of the name.

“I was told…” You start to say.

“I’m sure Citrine means well.” Creason cut in, his voice cold and angry. “I will… take you to him.”

Turning away from Creason, you need to think about what is before you, you begin to gather your items from where you had dropped them, giving yourself a moment.


Accept Creason’s Help
Continue On Your Own

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