Monday, October 25, 2010


For the next 2 weeks on PBS "Masterpiece Mystery!" series they are showing Sherlock. this 21st Century view of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective. John had shown me an article about this series in his Wizard Magazine a few weeks ago, and I thought: "That's be fun to watch." but silly me, I assumed that it would just be on the Sy-Fy Channel or one of those other network stations that we don't have, so I just kind of forgot about it until last night when I was flipping channels trying to find something to watch before bed. I came to channel 7 and stopped to watch Martin Freeman (who has just been announced to be Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming Hobbit movie) for a moment when I realized I was watching Sherlock Holmes. Thankfully I had only missed the first 10 minutes of the show so I wasn't too lost.
Other than the fact that I pretty much have decided I hate the actor playing Holmes, I loved it. It was very entertaining. I liked Martin Freeman as Watson,  Inspector Lestrade was a great fit too. The show is co-written some of the writers of Doctor Who. I can't wait to watch the next two installments.
Here are the show times for the next two installments on PBS Channel 7 in Northern Utah:
Masterpiece Mystery!: Sherlock: The Blind Banker
Sunday, October 31, 8:00pm
"Sherlock: The Blind Banker," about a bank break-in.
Masterpiece Mystery!: Sherlock: The Great Game
Sunday, November 7, 8:00pm
A bomber challenges Holmes to solve a string of mysteries.

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