Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh, Thursday doesn't even start

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote something personal for my blog.. I keep coming up with little tidbits to blog about, but I haven't gotten the chance to write it down because I've been distracted.

Another reason why I'm so off is that John had to work last Sunday for General Conference so he had an additional day of work this week, so not only is he thrown off, but so am I. It has felt like we should be a day a head of where we really are. Like today, being Thursday, should really be Friday, but it's not. It'll really be a killer when we have to wake up and go to work tomorrow, because it should really be Saturday and not Friday.
So I have been thinking about things like : Why is it that I don't know anyone else who has crossed eyes, or people who have to wear glasses and contacts are not an option... like me. Perhaps I just don't ask enough questions of people who where glasses. Should I question everyone I meet. "Excuse me, but why do you wear glasses?" or maybe... "Do you have a crazy eye like me?" and then take off my glasses and show them my stigmatism. I don't know. I was just finding that rather odd this week that I never really know if any one I know is cross-eyed, but I guess they're guilty of the same thing too since no one has asked me why I wear glasses for quite a long time... Perhaps that part of curiosity died with our youth.
Also, I wanted to point out that the moon was beautiful last week. Here is a crappie picture I took with my phone on 9/23/10 at 6:45 AM. It was huge and beautiful, and a little yellow from all of the wildfires lately. I love the moon, it is always so beautiful, no matter it's size of fullness. I would love to have a telescope so I could look at it more closely and enjoy it's lunar landscapes. But until then, I will just have to look at it from afar like the rest of us non-telescopic people.
However, John and I have discussed that fact that we can't see a "Man In The Moon." We think that people who say they see it are just lying. but according to Wikipedia (because we all know that everything on that website is honest truth...) There are several faces/pictures on the moon. Maybe we just don't have any imagination. That's not something I have ever been accused of before.
Along with the moon, we have been fascinated with the night sky in general. You may or may not know that Jupiter has been visible for the last month. It was following the moon along the sky for a while, but now it is catching up with the sun to disappear from sight again. Another reason why I'd love to have a telescope. Did you know that one of the belts of Jupiter has disappeared recently? You can go HERE to look at some pictures and read about it. I'd love to see that. Don't worry though, apparently it happens periodically, but it always comes back... or at least it has in the past.
It looks like coming up this October 20th the Heartly 2 comet will be coming close enough to earth to see with a telescope, binoculars, or in some places where it's dark you may actually be able to see it with only your eyes. It is not dark here. We'd have to go somewhere else to look. Why is it that all of the neat things I can see with my bare eyes happen in the middle of the work week so we can't go to the mountains to see them. Note to self: Save up time off. by the way, I adore it's where I find a lot of my information.
Okay, this is all for now, it's time to quite writing for the day. I'll pop by again some time soon.

And... by the way, isn't this a fantastic wedding cake?
Don't you just love the little groom on top that has his little cricket bat?


Becky said...

I hate it when Jacob has to work on the weekends, it does mess up the days. The glasses thing, I guess we are at a age a lot of people have them so no one asks anymore.

Lindsay said...

James totally wanted a zombie cake for our reception.
Glasses are cool! I'm wearing mine right now!

Scarlet said...

yes Lindsay, but the question was "Why?" Why do you wear glasses? are you near sighted? far sighted? stigmatism? cross-eyed? blind as a bat? ...

Little kids will ask about glasses periodically, but adults just don't.

I think the next time I get married I'll have a Zombie cake... No wait, that's a lie. The next time I get married I'll have a Pirate battle wedding cake. that would be awesome.