Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roll Roll Roll in ze Hay.

Last night John and I finally got to use some of our season tickets to Capitol Theatre again. This time it was to see The New Mel Brooks Musical: Young Frankenstein - "This wickedly inspired re-imagining of the Frankenstein legend follows bright young Dr. Frankenstein (that's Fronkensteen) as he attempts to create a monster--but not without scary and hilarious complications." 
My review of it: Rent the movie it's so much better. The musical was just plain dirty. Now, I can do a little dirty, that's not a far stretch for me, but, really, everything was dirty. Every reference, every song, nearly every action. I don't really find that necessary to be entertaining.
It was entertaining enough, and the music was catchy even if the words are all innuendos. I don't think that this is a musical soundtrack that will be in my collection.
Like I said, go rent the MOVIE. The movie may have been racy for 1974, but by today's standards it's rather innocent and I'd much rather watch Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle and Madeline Kahn enact the silliness of the spoof than to subject myself to the musical version. I'm not a huge fan of the works of Mel Brooks, but Young Frankenstein the musical was beyond what I thought it needed to be.
I think John may have enjoyed it more than I did, although in the end he agrees that it was rather inappropriate. We did both agree that the performers seemed like they were trying too hard to imitate past great performances rather than trying to make the part their own. Elizabeth was trying too hard to be a combination of Megan Mullally and Madeline Kahn. Doctor Frankenstein reminded me of someone but I can't quite put my finger on it, and I prefer the Igor from the movie.
So far this season we've (or I) have seen:
Young Frankenstein
The Color Purple was alright, Spamalot was offensive, Young Frankenstein was a bit raunchy

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