Friday, April 8, 2011

I love.

I love sleeping.

I love baking.

I love cats.

I love other people’s dogs. (Mostly.)

I love being outside.

I love the sunshine.

I love nail polish.

I love warm blankets.

I love fire.

I love quaking aspens.

I love long car drives.

I love the leaves in the fall.

I love cherry blossoms in the spring.

I love quiet snowfalls in the dark winter nights.

I love the stars and warm evenings of summer time.

I love lemonade.

I  love strawberries.

I love Jell-O.

I love good food.

I love pasta.

I love a nice medium steak.

I love chocolate chip cookies.

I love Italian Soda.

I love rocks.

I love open spaces.

I love colors.

I love paint.

I love yarn.

I love cloth.

I love the idea of creating with these items and making something beautiful.

I love to crochet.

I love cleanliness.

I love organization.

I love knowing where things go.

I love having direction.

I love my Savior.

I love fellowship in something bigger than myself.

I love silence.

I love being praised.

I love being complimented.

I love being loved.

I love the smell of baking bread.

I love the sound of ticking clocks.

I love my family, even though sometimes I don’t say it.

I love John.

I love having friends.

I love friends who love me no matter what I am.

I love that there are some who know me completely and still think I’m awesome.

I love finding lost friends.

I love finding lost things.

I love warm squishy mud.

I love traveling.

I love Virginia.

I love Washington.

I love Canada, although I have never been there.

I love England, although I have never been there either.

I love Everything British; the Royal wedding, Jelly-babies, my dad.

I love airplanes.

I love road trips.

I love expensive hotels.

I love jewelry.

I love the sparkle of a clean diamond.

I love diamonds.

I love diamonds under track-lighting.

I love rubies.

I love garnets.

I love sapphires.

I love necklaces.

I love rings.

I love the randomness of life.

I love movies.

I love the suspension of reality that is given by stepping into a theater, or turning on a DVD.

I love owning DVDs.

I love action movies.

I love adventure movies.

I love girl movies.

I love Tim Burton movies.

I love Disney Movies.

I love Disneyland.

I love Anime, both as an art form and as a genre of cartoon.

I love Rurouni Kenshin.

I love the Elric brothers.

I love the mythology of Samurai.

I love the violence and the passion that can be filtered into an anime cartoon series that wouldn’t work in any other form.

I love fantasy.

I love stepping into other worlds.

I love the Vampire Diaries.

I love Damon and his crazy eyebrows.

I love the absurdity of the entire story.

I love the fact that above all its about love.

I love watching Doctor Who.

I love The Doctor.

I love the Master even though I shouldn’t.

I love Daleks, they are awesome even though they would like to exterminate me.

I love the TARDIS and would give my soul for a trip through time and space. (Especially with the Doctor.)

I love the idea of time travel.

I love Tom Baker as Doctor #4 and Peter Davison as Doctor #5.

I love the theme song.
I love the different incarnations of the theme song over the years.

I love foreign music.

I love Japanese pop music.

I love that I can’t understand the words, but they make me happy.

I love cultural music.

I love contemporary music.

I love religious music.

I love music with a beat, but I also enjoy the calming stuff.

I love at the moment: Panic! At The Disco, The Perishers, Secondhand Serenade, Ludo, and U2… always U2.

I love the cars that go Boom!

I love music from the 90’s.

I love music from the 80’s.

I love monster rock ballads.

I love the quiet crazy of Pink Floyd.

I love Ewan McGregor.

I love his smile.

I love his moles.

I love Moulin rouge.

I love Come What May.

I love truth, beauty, freedom and love. (Above all else Love.)

I love hearing him sing.

I love Christian Slater.

I love any show he ever appears in.

I love his eyebrows.

I love how sometimes he reminds me of John.

I love his gravely voice.

I love the statement “Greetings and Salutations” that I learned from Heathers.

I love that you’re still reading this, even though I ramble.

I love writing.
I love the idea of being a published author.

I love the stories that fall from my fingers, and the stories I can’t get out of my head.

I love reading other people’s stories, published and unpublished.

I love books.

I love reading YA fiction.

I love reading Fantasy fiction.

I love books made of paper and the musty smell of an old novel.

I love reading.

I love Anne Shirley.

I love being inspired by the words that others want to share.

I love holding a book in my hands and hefting the weight.

I love the look of an organized books shelf.

I love the useless knowledge that comes form filling my head with nonsense.

I love nonsense.

I love the world created by Robert Jordan.

I love werewolves, the big slathery, killing kind.

I love magic in all forms.

I love fairies, and believe in them too.

I love pirates.

I love saying Arrr!

I love puffy sleeved shirts.

I love knowing other people’s dark secrets.

I love that “Rawr” is I love you in dinosaur.

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