Thursday, April 14, 2011

Secret stair case running high.

This weeks CD... Just because I love it.
Album cover
    Indigo Girls - Indigo Girls

  1. Closer to Fine
  2. Secure Yourself
  3. Kid Fears
  4. Prince Of Darkness
  5. Blood And Fire
  6. Tried To Be True
  7. Love's Recovery
  8. Land Of Canaan
  9. Center Stage
  10. History Of Us
This album was released in 1989, but I didn't find it until I was in High School nearly 7 years later. Initially I bought the album for the song Closer to Fine because it was the one that I heard people playing on the radio or in the halls at school. I bought the cassette and found that I loved all the songs on it. The harmonies are beautiful, and the words are so poetic. After a few years cassettes went the way of the dinosaurs and I went a different direction with my life. Sometime last year I heard Closer to Fine on the radio again and it reminded me of how much I had loved this album. I bought it from iTunes. ( I hate buying MP3's I'm always afraid my computer will crash taking it all away.) I added it to my iPod, and now every time I hear the songs I just want to sing along. Loudly. but I'm often listening to them while at work and that doesn't go over to well. It's also a little embarrassing. O_o
What are my favorite songs on this album?
Closer to Fine
Kid Fears
Blood and Fire
Land of Canaan

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