Friday, November 19, 2010

Tomorrow's just your future yesterday

To start with - Thanks for the Vo5 suggestion Jennie, it seems to be helping a little. Not so many snarls now, and not so many scatterings of broken hair on the bathroom floor in the mornings. :) Now if I can just avoid major breakage for a while I might feel better about getting it trimmed...
And Speaking of hair... I decided that I want John to have David Tennant hair. I think he may be able to pull it off with all his crazy cowlicks. I just have become rather fond of the crazy rooster hair that David Tennant sports as The Doctor. What do you think? Could John pull off this look?
We have been watching Doctor Who every Saturday night on PBS for the last few months. Sadly, it is drawing to the end of the TENTH Doctor (David Tennant) so I'm not looking forward to this regeneration the last few episodes have been rather traumatizing to me and I'm usually in tears at some point during the episode. Perhaps that means I'm too emotionally invested with The Doctor, but I say so what? Its not the first time I have adored a Doctor. I always did love Tom Baker (who I'll admit was the first doctor I really remember.) He was Doctor number FOUR and absolutely fantastic. I'm still waiting for the day I receive my own twelve foot long Doctor scarf. My next favorite Doctor was number FIVE who was played by Peter Davison. But now, with David Tennant, I'm not sure what order my favorite Doctors go in any more. I guess I'm just a lover of the doctors. I was told once by a friend of mine that I would make an excellent Who Girl, and I'm inclined to agree, I think I would make a fine companion to the Doctor. Needless to say, it seems that the Doctor will need to join our DVD collection soon since we have missed so much of the latest reincarnation of it.
We have watched a couple of movies this past week:
First off we saw RED. This movie was fantastic. John and I both thoroughly enjoyed it. It was funny, action packed and just what we needed to see last week. Unfortunately we had our date night on Friday and were reminded again why it is that we don't go out that particular night of the week. As for the movie I highly recommend it.
Next we watched Satan's Little Helper. This movie was dumb. It was the last of our Halloween Movie Month movies that we hadn't had a chance to watch yet. It's a bout a crazy little boy and a crazy killer in a mask. I don't recommend it for watching.
Speaking of things I don't recommend watching.... I went to see The Color Purple: The Musical on Wednesday night with Scott's new wife Ariane. I took Ariane because John did not want to go, and I had offered the tickets to a few different people, until finally I found someone who wanted to go with me. I'll admit that I really never cared to read/see/hear/etc this story so I wasn't too excited too see this, but whatever, it was part of our season ticket package so we just took what came to us. In order to prepare for this musical event I read the cliff notes a while ago so I could understand what was going on and perhaps see something in this story that might inspire me to like it... after reading the cliff notes I still stood by my first impression. On the other hand Ariane loves the movie of The Color Purple, (she's even invited me to her house to watch it some time,) so when I invited her to go with me she was pretty excited so, in the way that I do, I tried to build my own excitement off of hers, and it helped, a little.
Well, after months of waiting, Wednesday night finally came and Ariane and I set off to the Capitol Theater to be culture-ized. What a night. To start off with, the tickets I had said they were for the night before 11/16 - ugh! - which was frustrating, because I had written all the dates down on my calendar from the dates given to me on my receipt. But lucky for us they were able to give us seats for that night so we weren't left out in the cold with expired tickets. (Now I have to make sure I look at the tickets before writing the dates on the calendar for next year so we don't have this same issue again.) All in all, the Musical was pretty good, if you like The Color Purple, but I don't think I'd ever see it again if given the opportunity. I enjoyed the second act more than the first act. I wasn't very fond of the music, but the production of it was nice.  The performers all did a very good job. There was only one song in the production that I'd even consider listening to again. If you want to see it, go see it, but I'm not putting it on my recommendation list.
When Ariane "dished" about me to her husband via text message during intermission she said I was "a very courteous date."  Isn't that nice of her? I opened doors, I bought her a drink, and I even let her have the aisle seat.
The best part of the night was spending time with Ariane.
SIDE NOTE: Many of my readers may not know that Ariane and I were acquainted long before she married Scott. Ariane, aka "Sister Stevens", was one of the sisters serving in the Washington DC South Mission back in the days that I was also there. I had the opportunity to spend two of my precious days as a missionary serving with Ariane, once when our companions had something they had to do together, and again when she and I drove to Cumberland, MD for a baptism of someone we both taught. I fell madly in love with her all the way back then and had always wished that I could have had her as a companion. I never did get to serve with her, but we did spend time in the same Zones periodically throughout our time in the field. So back last .... um .... October, I think, when Scott told me and John that he was dating Ariane Stevens I couldn't have been more overjoyed. I remember going home with John that night and saying to him "I wish Scott would marry Ariane, that would be so cool." And well... he did, and it is.  She's a great person and oh so loveable. Her personality just makes you want to be her friend. I think my glowing opinion of Ariane when my Mother-in-Law asked me about her helped, at least a little, to prepare the family for Ariane joining us. Because sure, she's not really "one of us" but really, she is. As the new mother of my niece, she's as much a part of the family as any of the rest of us. (And as a side note to my side note: she is a great mommy to my little Lucy. Scott chose good.)
Ariane and I had fun reminiscing about the mission and people and places we knew and loved, we talked about all sorts of things that I don't usually tell people, we talked about Lariann and Lucy, and life and death and family... It was an amazingly wonderful night.
TANGENT: I must admit though that the idea of going out with Ariane frightened me a little. I am not the person that I used to be. That bright girl with the testimony that she knew ten years ago isn't really me anymore. I'm kind of a recluse who spends too much time wallowing in depression and being bitter and self absorbed, but my time with her was like a step out of my life back into what I know I should be. It was a nice breath of fresh air. I didn't want her to see that person I have become and wonder what happened to the other one. I was afraid I'd have nothing to talk to her about and that the evening would be full of awkward pauses and those meaningless conversations that people have because there is noting better to talk about.. but it wasn't like that at all. It was like being back with one of those friends that even though you haven't seen them for years you can just pick up where you left off and just keep going. It was nice to talk to her about Lari, because as a family we have really tried to avoid the topic so as not to offend in Ariane in anyway... but she asked me to tell her about Lariann, and that was refreshing. (Now, In-Laws, this isn't an invitation to swamp poor Ariane with Lariann stories, this is just saying that Ariane would like to know more about Lari because she is a part of her life now. Let Ariane dictate what and when the Lari stories are shared.)
So next week is Thanksgiving. This year has gone by so fast. John and I haven't really accomplished a lot this year, but we have spent a lot of time with our families. We're going to St. George to see his oldest sister for the holiday. Technically this years should have been the Pears Family Thanksgiving since last year was Evans family thanksgiving year, but there were also extenuating circumstances last year that required all the Evans children to be present... if you catch my drift. But this year, we have the opportunity to go to St. George and spend time with both oldest Evans siblings together. - Oldest brother Scot and his wife recently moved to Las Vegas from Jackson, WY so now he's just two hours from Kristin and this year he has the holiday off. So we're making a quick trip to see them and then rushing back to spend time with my oldest sister who is visiting from Washington again. This is going to be a busy holiday weekend. But next year, NEXT YEAR, it's back to the Pears'.
Starting next week it's our 81 days of Hell. Thanksgiving, Christmas Parties, Christmas, New Years, My Birthday, Our 9th Anniversary, John's Birthday and finally... Valentines Day.  It seems that in that entire expanse of time we hardly have time to breathe so if you don't see us, hear from us, or talk to us in the next few months, know that we love you and we'll get back to you in March.
I'm off do do some Christmas shopping... does anyone have any ideas of what I can get John that is not a DVD?


Jennifer Allen said...

I'm glad the VO5 is helping. There are several times when I've used it when I just didn't want to get my hair cut, but didn't want the split ends to bother me.

Also, does John have the new 007 Golden Eye game for the Wii? Bryce just got it this week and I thought it could be fun for them to be able to play together if you have a wireless connection. Take care and see you soon (hopefully in about a month).

Scarlet said...

they can play together after christmas. John knows he is getting it, but he can't touch it until December 25th.
I'll email you our Wii address so we can play. I'm sure you two have MarioKart. :)

Lindsay said...

I'm really glad that Ariane is a part of your family! I remember talking to Scott over last Thanksgiving and he mentioned her. I'm really, REALLY glad that Lucy has such a great new mom. It makes my heart glad.