Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm a little bit Country

This should have posted a few weeks ago after we saw the Rider's in the Sky, but I have been too sick/distracted/tired/depressed/busy to post it. It's up now so enjoy this weeks selection.
Wyoming WindWyoming Wind
    Bar J Wranglers
Wyoming Wind
Silver Spurs
The Old Chisholm Trail
Whoopi Ti Yi Yo
Cool Water
Pinin' for the Pines
Timber Trail
Fiddlin' Man
The Cowboy Song
A Fathers' Love
A Wind in My Face
I first encountered the Bar J Wranglers many years ago when I accompanied my parents on a trip to Jackson Hole, WY for one of dad's Credit Union Board meetings. The Board Members all got to go to dinner at the Bar J Chuckwagon where we got to eat delicious steak and have a old western kind of show... and I loved it. I have been a cowgirl at heart for most of my life, but I didn't have a lot of cowboy music in my repertoire... until then.
I can't say that this is the first Bar J CD that I bought because I made my mom buy me a few that first night, but this is the one I think I have listened to the most over the years.
This music reminds me of my Grandpa Mc. Sure, he never made me listen to this, and I really mostly only remember his as the old guy, but I hear stories of his days as a cowboy and I remember thinking how awesome that would be. (that, and a lot of hard work.) Grandpa always wanted to have the song "Strawberry Roan" sung at his funeral... it wasn't, but I wanted it there too. Sure, that song isn't on THIS CD, but it is on others. In my heart I'm and old west cowgirl who would have rode the range and herded cattle with the best of them, but that's not my lot in this life so I will settle with listening to the music that talks about those days.
This CD includes songs like Silver Spurs that talks of bull riding no matter the cost, and The Cowboy Song that speaks of the hard days on the trail. Both of which often bring a tear to my eye. I think my favorite song on this CD is A Father's Love it makes me cry every time. And you can never go wrong with some cowboy poetry with A Wind In My Face.
If you're looking for some good old country without looking at the Rider's in the SkyMarty Robbins or Son's of the Pioneers I suggest looking up and listening to The Bar J Wranglers for some yodeling, dancing, and cowboy fun.
Yee Haa!
"Let me tell you a secret, about a father's love. It's a secret that my Daddy said was just between us. Daddies don't just love their children every now and then. It's a love without end, amen."

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