Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today is Wednesday

Today is the 314th day of the year. That makes today Pi Day. Go have yourself a piece of pie today to make yourself happy.


I finished reading the Towers of Midnight yesterday. All 861 pages of it. It took me an entire week to finish, but that was mostly due to being sick and tired and having other things that needed to be done. I probably could have finished it in like two days with no distractions. It was pretty good. Not as good as I wanted it to be after waiting nearly 16 years to read it, but it'll do.


I think the towers of midnight drained the life out of me. The book has some sort of vampiric effect that makes one have to read it even though your life is being sucked out moment by moment... Suck. Suck. Suck. Suck… Life... Draining... Can't.... Think... Need... More... Balefire...


No, but seriously, you should still read it. 


Aaah! That's part of the books effect. It sucks the life out of one person and then makes you give it to someone else to read.


Nevertheless, the book was pretty good. I have some complaints about it, but I’ll keep those to myself until John finishes. I am not going to say anything about the plot, or what did or did not happen in the book because so many people I know are either currently reading it, or waiting to borrow a copy. But I do suggest reading it. There were some parts that made me smile and one or two passages that made me tear up a little, or at least made me think that I probably should be crying over this or that.


Now it's on to reading The Historian. (which looks equally as thick as the last one but it only has 720 pages.) I don't know if I'll actually finish it (or start it) before the end of the year, but I'm going to try.


Life is pretty good for the most part. We don’t have anything terrible going on currently. no one has died, no one has smashed our car, no one has been fired, and no one has been arrested so for the most part life is good.


I’m just getting over a bit of a sickness that I had over the weekend. I came home from work last Friday and lay down on my bed around 4:30 and didn’t wake up until 10 am the next day. You’d think that that much sleep would make a person feel better, but around 12 on Saturday I decided that I was still tired so I took another 3 hour nap. Yep, I was feeling pretty much like a useless lump and I felt so ill. The weekend just wasn’t working out for me.


We did go to church on Sunday though. I think this is the first time again since September. I think we skipped the two weeks of regular services during October. Church was SO loud. I hate the noise it really grates on my nerves so I sat through Fast and Testimony meeting wanting to either leave or put my hands over my ears. But I didn’t do either. I listened like the adult that I am with my hands in my lap.


I was really doing pretty good until the Bishop got up near the end of the meeting and said something about the noise to the effect of "God must really trust us to give us all these kids..." and that just sent me into a rut thinking well apparently God just doesn't trust me and that makes me a horrible person and I don't deserve any kids because I’m selfish and rude and even I wouldn't trust me with kids... blah blah blah... I made it through the rest of the block and made it home before I started to bawl. And thus swirled me into the depths of depression mixed with sickness and those two are never a good combination. I thought I felt awful before church, but my evening ended up with a migraine – you know, the good ones with nausea, rainbows (not the good kind) and ice packs.


It sucks how you finally think you have this no baby thing under control and you’re totally okay with it and life is okay… and then someone says just the stupidest thing and it just drops you down to where you were before, or worse. (I know he didn’t say it to offend anyone, he was simply stating something that he thought, but to me it just hurt that empty place in my heart.) I'm just frustrated, I guess.


I stayed home sick from work on Monday because I felt like crud and I really should have stayed in bed, but with the rage and frustration in me I got up and cleaned my house and put my Halloween decorations away. That was a bad idea because it didn't make me feel any better on either aspect, it just made me more sick.


And speaking of Halloween decorations… or just decorations in general – This has been added to my per peeve list recently – I just don’t understand the need some people have to decorate for EVERYTHING. Sure, John and I joke some times about putting hats on the Skull in the living room to mark passing holidays or seasons (Pilgrim hat, bunny ears, new years crown… you know, like those absurd geese that people like to dress up on their lawns.) but really when it comes down to it we decorate for two holidays, and two holidays only: Halloween and Christmas (and Christmas mostly because John says so not because I want to.) Who wants to store all that crap? Who has the time to decorate and redecorate their house on a monthly basis? What’s the point of it all? Does anyone ever really come over to your house to see it? Really? I guess I’m just not one of those kid of peoples. Now if you are one of these kids of people, I’m not trying to be offensive, (I’m just feeling snarky today,) I’m just stating my own personal views. To summarize: Two thumbs down to decorating.


What else is there that might be on a happier note. Ummm…


I get to go see the Color Purple next week with my adorable friend and new sister-in-law-in-law. I don’t know how I’ll like it, but I’m going. Ariane proclaims that it is one of her favorite stories so since she likes it I’m going to trust her opinion. Maybe I’ll like it more because she will.


Harry Potter comes out on 11/19. John and I have our tickets to go see it on the following Monday. We’re going to watch it in IMAX.

Tangled comes out on 11/24 – but we’ll be in St. George for the holiday so we’ll see it when we come back.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader comes out 12/10 and TRON comes out 12/14 we don’t have tickets for these yet.


There are:

14 days until Thanksgiving

44 days until Christmas

63 days until my Birthday


Well, that’s it. I have nothing else to say for today.


End of Line.

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M.O.M. said...

I also only decorate for Christmas (for Michael's benefit) and Halloween (the greatest holiday of all). Who has the energy of ALL of them?