Tuesday, November 2, 2010


- Accept Creason’s Help -

Creason stands over you watching you pack, but suddenly he turns and crouches next to you. “Come Bearer, the sisters are coming.”

His urgent tone hurries you along and soon you have your cloak back around your shoulders. It’s easier to wear it than to carry it you determined. The two of you hurry out of the cave and back on to the path you had been following before.

“Do you know the way out?” You ask.

“I have a general idea,” Creason replies, but he looks in several directions before pointing a finger. “This way, I believe.”

“You believe?”

“You’re the one with the guide Bearer. Perhaps you should ask him.” He said, pointing to the raven that was swooping circles in the air before you.

“Harry,” you call, sticking out your arm, and your raven flies to you, perching on your wrist. He stares at you, his head tilted to the side. Taking a deep breath you throw out a hope that this bird can under stand you. “Get us out of here.”

“Caaw!” he screeches at you before launching off your arm and taking flight. You watch as he flies away, banking to the left and disappearing around a corner. It only takes a moment for you to realize that you should probably be following him.

The air is so heavy with heat you find it hard to breathe; your foot falls becoming heavier as you go. The silence is oppressing, broken only by the periodic call of Harry if you fall too far behind.

“The mouth isn’t very far from Here.” Creason assures you, punctuated by a caw from your raven as though he were agreeing.

After walking for what seemed like hours through the heat the entrance to the caverns appears before you as a gaping black hole in the red rocks. You are so glad to see it you start to run to the exit, each step bringing you closer to real air.

Thump thump thump thump, your footfalls echo behind you as you finally break free of the oppressiveness of the heat that you close your eyes as you step into the open breathing deeply of the fresh cool air. You’re about to take another step when Creason grabs the back of your shirt and pulls you back.

“You may be the Bearer, but you are not wise.” He growls.

You open you eyes and glare at him before you notice that he is looking at the ground before you, or the lack there of. In front of you there is a small ledge about the width of your shoulders and then a sheer drop off that is lined with dense pines thousands of feet below.

“We can go down that way if you wish.” Creason says, pointing at a series of narrow switchbacks that cut straight down the side of the cliff, “Or, we can use the river trail.” Pointing in another direction you see that the narrow ledge you’re standing on wraps around the side of the cliff face and out of sight.

You watch as Harry files in circles high in the air, not giving you any further direction.


Take the Switchbacks down
Follow the Narrow Ledge

I've given this some extra time. You have until Midnight 11/12/2010 to vote for the next step.

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