Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Trails to You

Last night was fun.
It was the first "date night" we have had in a while. We've spent the last two months of  date nights home watching horror movies, so it was nice to get out again and get ourselves some culture.Well, our evening started when John and I went to The Desert Edge Brewery for dinner. Yumm. It's in Trolley Square and it is always good food. After dinner it was off to Abravanel Hall for some musical entertainment.
This week is the Heber City Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Buckaroo Fair up in Heber City, UT (if you couldn't guess from the name) and the Riders in the Sky kicked off the week of events with a concert at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City with the Utah Symphony. Let me just say that it was awesome.
I love the Rider's in the Sky. (They are almost as high in my book of Cowboy Singers as the Bar J Wranglers.) Remember back in the early 90's (1991 - 1992) they had a short run of Saturday morning TV. After Pee-wee Herman went off the air in 1990 the Riders got his set. I remember watching them. I enjoyed them back then, and I enjoy them now.
They had a couple of opening acts with Sourdough Slim who plays the accordion and sings cowboy songs, and also there was Waddie Mitchell who tells Cowboy poetry. I wasn't too impressed with Sourdough, but I do love some cowboy Poetry.
They sang some songs I knew, and some songs I didn't. They also did a few songs from Disney since they wrote a lot of the music for Toy Story 2, and they preformed the music while we watched the Pixar short film called "For The Birds" that was included with "Monsters, Inc" when it was in theaters. Yeah, they wrote that music.
So the show was good and we were glad we went even though John complained all the way to there. Yes, he enjoyed it to once it started. He says he prefers the Riders in the Sky to all the other Cowboy music I listen to.
Perhaps next summer I can drag myself out of my cool house in the middle of July to see the Riders in the Sky for free. (They usually perform at the Layton Park in the summer time)

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