Sunday, August 29, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure

Part 3 - Find what cut you –

With your bloody finger in your mouth you use your other hand to rifle through your pants-pocket and pull out your mini LED flashlight. Squeezing it between your fingers it’s mini-bulb is near blinding in the gloom of the store. You can clearly see the path your fingers took along the table top and the spot of blood on the shiny silver blade laid out on the table before you. It is the only item there.

It appears to be a long dagger, about the length of your forearm. The blade is polished steel with the etching of a human skull near the hilt. The hilt itself is made of dark wood, roughly carved into the bust of a wolf with it’s muzzle and teeth greatly exaggerated.

“Huh,” You think out loud to yourself, “It looks like a werewolf.” Reaching out you touch the nose of the malformed animal before you.

“It is.” The sound of a voice over your shoulder startles you, causing you to drop your light and plunge the store back into darkness. You turn, placing you face to face with an old woman. At least you thought she was old. As your eyes readjusted to the dark you could see that though her hair was silver her face held very little wrinkles and her eyes were youthful and clear. The table screeched as you press yourself against it trying to make space between yourself and the woman.

“He has chosen you.” She says, nodding towards the item on the table. “Argharna belongs to you now.”

“What?” you ask sounding more than a little confused.

She gives you a look of impatience like you should know what she is talking about. She waits a moment as if waiting for you to say something else and when you just shrug at her she tisks at you.

“Come along.” She says as picks up the dagger from the table. Turning on her heals she moves quickly away from you back towards the counter, disappearing into a curtained doorway, leaving you behind.


* Follow her
* Stay put
* Turn and leave

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