Friday, August 13, 2010

A Few Things on a Friday

Life's been busy and I haven't blogged in a while. Lets see what I can do to catch up...
First of all = Just so you know... We are not "invite ourselves over" people. We have lots of friends and family that tell us all the time to just come over any time, blah blah blah... But we just aren't those kind of people. We do require an invitation. It doesn't have to be far in advance, it might just be a phone call that says come over right now... (granted, with how we have been the last year or so you might get a "not today" answer from us, but that doesn't mean we love you any less or that we can't reschedule for another time)
That being said... We do love when people drop in on us. We love seeing our friends and family within the walls of our own home. (we have been trying to be more social this year. really. we're trying to make an effort to see the people we love)
Today is Scott and Ariane's Wedding. In fact, they're probably getting married as I write this. I am ecstatic to have Ariane joining "the family" I have loved her since the day I met her (almost 10 years ago in Falls Church, VA.) She is awesome, and she deserves Scott and Lucy and all the happiness in the world. They will make such a cute little family and Lucy and Scott will be well taken care of.
That being said... this week has been a tough one for "the family" I'm sure all of our thought's have turned to Lariann at some point or another. Lari's best friend Lindsay got married last Saturday and, again, while I'm happy for Lindsay I have been sad for myself. I try to remind myself that Lari is better-than-okay now, and that we are all part of an eternal family and we will all see each other again... Yet, I'm feeling her absence more this week with the addition of all these happy moments. I even find myself having to skip songs on my iPod today when Travis comes up or The Black Watch... so much of my music reminds me of her.
Talk Like A Pirate Day is quickly approaching. (henceforth TLAPD) While this holiday is one of my favorites next to Halloween and My Birthday it does have a lot of bitter sweet memories. I found out on TLAPD 2007 that Robert Jordan had died a few days prior. (wow, was it really that long ago?) Lariann had her first seizure and found out she had a brain tumor on TLAPD 2006. And since I have only known about TLAPD for the last five years, that's not very good odds for having a happy holiday. But I'm excited none-the less.
** Remember to spread the word, and that word be "Arrr!" **
We've had family around for the last few weeks. Norm and Becca had Sophie blessed at church on August 1st and we were ALL (even the Awesome family) able to attend.
Andrea and her four youngest came down from Washington and Ray and his Nicole came out from Tennessee. Nicole is going to BYU this fall, and Ray is staying until the end of August. (There is a rumor that Kenji and his girl friend Hannah are coming to visit next week so I'm excited to see them too.)
Over the last two weeks I was able to spend ample amounts of time with my sister and her kids at my house. (which was nice because on their usual visits the family rarely gets to see them as they are off jaunting with their old friends, and not with us.) So it was good. between her and the kids my yard work got taken care of and some of those pesky "need to do" items that have been sitting around since spring of 2009.
We had most of the family over a few times in the last two weeks for food and socializing and even a night around the fire pit. We went to the Zoo together last Friday, which was fun, and had a family picnic at the park on Wednesday night before Andrea left. 
We are hoping to see The Expendables this weekend, and we have a date with The Pirates of Penzance on Monday so it should be a nice weekend for us.
Umm. that's about all for now. As a parting gesture here are the highlights of our movie watching for the last two weeks:
Astro Boy (Loved It! I give it four cannon balls for the long nine as my review.)
Batman: Under the Red Hood (Very interesting. Hadn't heard that story before. I give it three cannon balls for the long nine as my review.)
(FYI - these movies are out of a five cannon ball rating for the long nines. Arrr!)
... and that's it.


Becky said...

Sounds like things are going well for you. It is also not a good thing that we really don't do well inviting ourselves over ether. I guess one of these weekends one of us will have to break that spell and make the change.

Anonymous said...

Kenji has a girlfriend named Hannah? That made me smile because of all the talk had of setting him up with my little sis!
- She graduates this year!

Scarlet said...

Yep Hannah. She's pretty nice, but not your sister :) And it is pretty funny that he ended up with a Hannah after all.
Kenji and his Hannah just graduated from Orting High School back in June.