Thursday, August 5, 2010

Andrew vs. The Tree

... and the Boy won.

Several years ago... probably only two... there was a giant windstorm and this tree blew down onto my house, it rested on the house and the power lines for a few days before the Power Co. finally told me that they wouldn't help me, and so we endeavored to cut it down ourselves. We took off the top and as much of the bottom that we could, but it turned out that it was stuck in the fence and though me and john and devin all tried it was to no avail and the stump has remained there ever since... until today.
The boy in the picture is my adorable nephew Andrew Michael, he's 16. Andrew and his mother are visiting from Washington this week and Andrea decided she needed to do some hands-on with the house... probably so she can write off her trip on her taxes... but I ain't complaining. Between the two of them they have managed to relieve the poor fence of it's burden it has been hanging on too for so long. Yay!
Thanks Landlord and Sons for being so overly helpful. It just makes me love you just that much more. :) 
Now... on to the next project...

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