Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inhale Pink... hoooooold it... Exhale Blue

Is it STILL August!?
This month seems like it has lasted FOREVER... We have had so much going on that I feel like we should be well on our way towards October by this time... but we're not, there is still another seven days until it's over.
We have had Pears family around for most of the month, which has been fun, but busy. Kenji and Hannah came down from Washington last week and stayed with us. They showed up at my house at 2:30 AM on Monday morning. Unfortunately last week seemed like the busiest ever and we didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with them.
August 16th John and I went and saw The Pirates of Penzance at Hale Center Theater in Salt Lake. We both enjoyed it greatly, we have yet to be thoroughly disappointed by anything we have seen there. (I've been in quite the pirate-y mood the last few weeks, I am very ready for talk like a pirate day to come around again)
August 17th we had a family shin-dig at my brother Norm's house so everyone could say hi and meet Hannah. This was her first time visiting all of us down here.
August 18th the two of them went to Kenji's dad's house and spent the night and didn't come back to my place until late Thursday evening and they went home on Friday.
So I'm sad that I didn't get to spend more time with them. I wish I had been able to take some time off and maybe taken them someplace neat that neither had been to before. But I couldn't and I didn't. But Hannah says they'll be back in November... I hope so. and they are more than welcome to stay with me again. :)
We haven't watched too many movies this last week or so. I did sleep through Clash of the Titans once and John went and saw the Expendables without me (He says he loved it) and last night we watched The Time Traveler's Wife (I enjoyed it).
That's about it for our August. Keith and Rachel should be having a baby any day now. His name is going to be Ryan. I can't wait to hold him.
Happy Birthday to my August Family - Kim, Keith, Jessica, Geoffrey, Bryon, and Loran - I love you all and hope you had fantastic birthday's.

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