Saturday, August 14, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure:

The passing strangers on the crowded street bustle by you as you stand staring at the shop window. Printed in block letters across the glass is the name: THURSDAY’S & OTHER SUNDRY THINGS.
“How strange.” You think to yourself, “This wasn’t here yesterday.” In fact, You KNOW it wasn’t here yesterday. Not the shop, not the window, and definitely NOT the building. You look around you at the passers-by and no one else seems to notice this oddity on the street.
Cupping your hands around your eyes you peer into the windows, the inside of the store is dark but it is littered with skulls and pansies, the walls are lined with books and jars and behind the counter at the back of the room sits a shadow. You can’t make out from this view if it is a man or a woman. The shadow must have spotted you because a part detached from the whole, an arm, you assume, and motions you to come in.


* Go in
* Say out
* Break the window


This is a new feature I have been playing with lately, as I have been missing playing Dungeons & Dragons (oddly enough) I have been pondering the world of choose your own adventures. I used to love reading these. I’d steal the books from my brother Keith because he had this awesome box set he kept by his bed. (I loved the one about the unicorn.)

Anyway – I wanted to write one and either:

A) let other people pick up where I left off
B) hold a poll and see what the majority wants to do and I’ll write the entire thing.

So first off I’m holding a poll to see which option you think sounds more entertaining and to see which option to choose.

Please Vote in the “Comments” below. (or on the right --->)
Starting next week I’ll have tallied the votes and we’ll see how this story continues.

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Jennifer Allen said...

Go in - otherwise there really won't be a story : )