Friday, August 27, 2010

The warrior kings lived by the sword

It's back... CD Fridays. August has been a crazy month, but since no one really reads my blog it's okay if I fail to post like I say I will. And now for something completely different (or not)...
    Steve McDonald

1. Sons of Somerled

2. Live On My Warrior Son

3. All You Can Know

4. Loch Lomond

5. Soldier's Lament

6. Come to the Isle of Skye

7. Scotland the Brave

8. Celtic Warrior

9. I Will Return

10. Wild Mountain Thyme

11. Per Mare, Per Terras

12. Lordship of the Isles

13. Journey of the Warrior Soul

14. Lordship of the Isles

15. Journey of the Warrior Soul



This CD was purchased at a store called Glyphix that no longer exists at the Layton Hills Mall. I think impart it was run out of town because it offered weekly Tarot Readings and other things of the like. I personally loved that store. It had that Sandalwood and incense smell that I just fell in love with. (That everyone around me seems to hate.) I have a lot of memories that smells in that store triggered, and even now, just thinking of that store I can remember the smell so clearly and a flood of other sent-memories follow along behind. Oh well, this blog isn't about smells that make me remember things, this post is about Sons of Somerled.


(The Original copy of this CD actually belongs to my sister Jessica, this one and another called Stone of Destiny, that is equally as nice... I just chose this one as my selection today because I heard it on my iPod while deciding what to do for today's post.)


Through his music Steve McDonald tells stories of Scotland, of it's history and it's traditions. This CD is about the "Sons of Somerled" which is a history of the McDonald Clan. All of his music reflects on some historic event. There have been several times while listening to the music of Steve McDonald that I have had to stop whatever I was doing and Google something I heard in one of his songs.

This CD is full of emotion that seems to fuel the soul into Scottish pride. This is the music to bring out the best of who we are and where we have come from. There are beautiful sweeping arrangements that use bagpipes and drums that pull at your heart strings. The arrangement of Loch Lomond on this CD is one of my favorites ever. However the Scotland the Brave arrangement here I could take or leave, I'd rather just go to my Black Watch CD for that song. Some of the arrangements could fit into that New Age category with the keyboards and guitar, but it's not distracting in anyway and gives the music a modern yet historic feel to it.

I know I'm not true Scottish decent, there is some Scottish in my, I love the sound of this music and my heart beats to the drums of the homeland. I long to go to the Highlands and to feel the winds of history. I would love to pack up and move to the Isle of Skye and live out my life in a simpler world and just be... (but I know in my rational heart that no matter where I move or run to I'll always have to have a job and face modern life because that's just the way of the world... besides, I'm too lazy to be a farmer.)

I have ALWAYS wanted to go "home" whether that be to the rolling hills of Ireland, The Highlands of Scotland, or the Moors of England... I just want to go there and be there... To live there and experience life there. (Some day ... maybe.)


Personal favorites on this Disc ...

Live On My Warrior Son

All You Can Know

Loch Lomond

I Will Return

Lordship of the Isles


I do love this album with a passion that is a little silly at times, but if you love Scottish/Celtic music this is a must have for your collection. I whole heartedly recommend it to those who are willing to listen. (I also hear that this CD is enhanced for your PC with extra features. I may have to finally buy my own copy just so I can have that too.) You can buy it HERE for $20. It is also available in MP3 for less $$ HERE.


Jennifer Allen said...

FYI - I usually don't comment, but I do read your blog.

Scarlet said...

ha ha. Thanks Jennie. I'm glad you're reading :) I think I was just in a self depricating mood today.