Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stuff we have watched in the last few weeks...

Transformers 2 - Okay .. there was more transformer action and less human involvement, but there was lost of stuff that could have been left out because it was just plain stupid.
Australia - Great .. though a little long
The Spirit - Okay .. Almost made it to Great, but fell a little short
Terminator - Okay
Terminator 2 - Okay .. Edward Furlong is way to squeaky in this one
Terminator 3 - Okay .. I hate John Connor in this movie
Max Payne - Oy! - goes on my 'worst movie ever' list
Push - Okay
Freddy vs. Jason - Okay .. always good for a laugh
Anime Series:
Full Metal Alchemist - Great .. I would recommend this one to anime fans or people just looking for an interesting show to watch
Bleh – Bad. Wouldn’t recommend
Meh – neither bad nor good just “meh”
Okay – maybe I’d watch it again
Great – Loved It! I’d Probably Buy it
Freaky – Bothered me
Yikes – Stay Away from this one
Dumb – Self explanatory
OY! - Wow that was a waist of time

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