Friday, July 31, 2009

Alternative Healing ??

Okay, So here it is, on the cusp of being 3 years since the first pregnancy mishap and the decision to become parents.... any yet, there is no baby for my and though I'm dealing with the infertility issue better now then I have in the past, I'm still annoyed with the fact that my body just wont do what I want it to.

The last few days I have been making some decisions on whether or not to make an appointment with an real Obstetrician or if maybe I'm okay just flying by night for a while longer... In this stupor of thought I have done some internet research on the world of Infertility and Fertility Symbols that I have found very interesting and I thought maybe I'd put some of the information I have found to use.

First of all, here are some great Fertility Symbols that I have come across...

Tiki - The Tiki depicts the first mortal born to the Gods. It is also a strong fertility symbol, with the hands on the loins symbolizing fertility. The Tiki is a good luck charm, and believed to give the wearer clarity of thought and great inner knowledge.

Elephant - Elephants have long been held a symbol of royalty, fertility, and longevity. The elephant has a most auspicious symbolism, embodying strength, wisdom, power and success. Rub your elephant to bring more children into your family.

Kwan Yin - Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. She is the most celebrated Goddess in Asia. She brings peace to monetary situations and increases unconditional love and compassion in the lives of those who live with her. She symbolizes mercy, modesty, courage, justice, wisdom, earth, fertility, and birth. She guards the souls of children.

The Serpent - A powerful fertility symbol, the serpent represented the male due to its shape, and rebirth through the shedding of its skin. It was thought to be one of the most mysterious, sacred creatures to the Celts.

Rabbits - Rabbit (Coinean) and Hare (Gèarr) are symbols of fertility, intuition, rebirth, promise, fulfillment, and balance. is also associated with abundance, rebirth and release and is symbolic of the 'tween times, dawn and dusk. He is the Goddess' creature and represents the Moon, night and dawn.

Its interesting what you can find with a simple search... and at this point I'm willing to try almost anything.

So I have bought myself a jade elephant to live in my bedroom, and I made myself a rose quartz bracelet to inspire fertility. Apparently rose quartz is quite the fertility stone, but it also works on depression and other well-being.

I found this information rather funny - yet interesting.


Step 1

Rose Quartz aids in healing or controlling the circulatory systems, particularly blood pressure problems. Carry or wear it near your heart.

Step 2

Put a piece of Rose Quartz in a bowl of water and use it to rinse your face twice a day. It will increase circulation to the skin and give you a beautiful complexion.

Step 3

Rose Quartz is said to encourage fertility. Wear Rose Quartz if you are trying to become pregnant, and keep a piece of it in your drinking glass.

Step 4

Rose Quartz will accomplish the dual purposes of encouraging both humility and self love. Rose Quartz is a stone that everyone should have on them at all times.

Tips & Warnings

  • Rose Quartz combines well everything.
  • Try combining these minerals in bracelets or necklaces.
  • Combine pieces in a pouch and wear them, or just tuck them in your pocket.
  • If you experience anxiety or restlessness, or physical symptoms, like nausea, you may want to cut back your exposure.
  • If you are sensitive, try using only single stones, and not combinations.
  • Rose Quartz is one stone that is almost

Rose Quartz is said to be one of about four stones known to increase fertility. (others fertility crystals include moonstone, carnelian, and red coral)
Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels, and brings deep inner healing and self love.

The healing properties of rose quartz are most powerful when placed upon the thymus and worn above the heart which is why this crystal works so well as a necklace.

Fertility related properties of Rose Quartz include:
·Balancing fertility.
·Equalizing sexual functions.
·Restoring emotional balance.
·Emanating a mother-child unconditional love.
·Attracting general positive energy.
·Easing fears and promoting healing.
·Fosters acceptance and promotes inner peace, which can
lead to less stress and an improvement in reproductive hormones.

Here are a few of the random websites I have read some of the interesting information from :

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The question now is … what wrist should I wear my Rose Quartz bracelet on?

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