Wednesday, July 1, 2009

As the Days Go By

I had a friend in high school that always used to say "life sucks, and then you die" how right he is sometimes.
It's coming closer... John and I will be hitting the 3 year mark in August.
I remember back when I was 25 and John said to me, 'just give us 5 more years to get on our feet and then we'll start a family'
I was horrified at the though of waiting until I was 30 to start having my family... I never wanted to be an "old mom" so when we thought we were accidentally pregnant in 2006 John said 'why not' and we've been trying to conceive ever since.
If I had known it would be this hard 5 years ago I would have just started trying back then and then maybe I'd have a baby by now.
But as it is I have at least 8 children Willed to me in case of parental death, but none of my own.
Anyway, on a lighter note it's July! This is one of my favorite months of the year. I love Fireworks!
But before we get to the fireworks I want to wish every one a Happy Canada Day on this lovely July 1st.
(no, I'm not Canadian, but that doesn't stop me from celebrating their holidays too)

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