Friday, July 10, 2009

My thermomiter is dying. I can always tell when it starts registering my morning temp as 96.76 because I really don't think I'm that cold when I wake up on summer mornings. So while I was at Walgreens picking up a prescription I bought a new one. It's pink and HUGE. I don't think I lose it anywhere it's about the size of Mahana which is to say it's roughly the size of a barge.
And while I was there I also picked up a box of Ovulation Predictor Kits or OPKs as they are called in the world of TTC.
So here we go again. Starting this month our due date would fall in April so it's out of the "no zone" ... and my father has requested a baby for his 75th birth day that gives me roughly 3 months to concieve for him to get one. No pressure, right?

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