Thursday, March 19, 2009

Turn off the idiot box....

A few movies I have seen lately that I wanted to make note of.... It's been a while since I talked about movies, but I'm not going back into the archives of my mind to tell you what I have see in ... what... like the last 6 months. I have really slacked off on blogging here, I'll do better.
Watchmen - okay, this movie was one of the most violent movies I have ever seen. And yet, I thought it was awesome. I'd also like to say it's one of the most sex filled movies I'd ever seen, but I'm pretty sure that I have seen worse. But none-the-less, it was fascinating. The story was intriguing and the plot had me guessing for a little while. John had read the graphic novel previously so he knew what would happen, but I was blissfully unaware and just let the movie unfold before me. My brother-in-law also saw this movie recently and said that he didn't find it as violent and John and I did, and we think that perhaps seeing it in IMAX may have added to the carnage being like 60 ft tall and what-not. I would not recommend this movie to anyone, unless you really want to see it. It's not your average superhero movie where hero saves girl and all live happily ever after... in fact, it's not even close.
The Spiderwick Chronicles - This movie was a good cute adventure. I have often picked the Spiderwick books up off the shelf at the store and thought of buying them, but they always get put back and passed up for more mature fantasy reads. Finally I thought 'when the movie comes out I'll see it' and it took me a while, but I finally saw it. I liked it. (I love the little boy in the movie, the actors name is Freddie Highmore and has been in great films like Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.) In this movie, he plays both the main character and his own twin brother which I always find fascinating. This is a movie I would recommend, it's a cute family show and even if you don't have a family to show it to it's a nice little adventure to pop in the player.
SpeedRacer - I had heard that this movie was not that good and like some had puked neon all over the screen... well, I disagree. I really liked it. The story was okay and the acting was fine (except for the stupid little brother and the monkey, I could have done without those.) I really enjoyed the movie. I think my one real complaint about it was that it was just a bit to long. It was cartoony and cheesy, but if you like that stuff then I think you'd like this movie.
The X-Files: Seasons 1-4 - These have probably been on my TV nearly non stop since Christmas and I had forgotten how much I absolutely love Mulder and Scully. These shows were genius. The story lines are intriguing. The smoking man is irritating and Assistant Director Skinner can't seem to decide who's side he's on.... I really missed watching these. The X-Files were such a huge part of me growing up in the 90's that watching them again is just like coming home... I can't wait until Season 5 arrives in my mail box, I'm dying to know if Mulder is really dead, and why is the government being so cruel to him...
StarGate SG-1: Seasons 1-3 - Finally! We have finished watching all 10 seasons of StarGate. It was fun to watch them all backwards and to see how different things have played out throughout the series. The first seasons we watched in order though and it did make a lot more sense. We have found it funny that almost all the actors that are featured in StarGate SG-1 have made at least one appearance (if not more) on the X-Files.

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